Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Free standard delivery for all orders in the CT Merch Store!

Free standard delivery for all orders in the CT Merch Store!

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Listen to CT's cover of "The Devil" by Suicide Commando

If you didn't hear it yet, here is the Cold Therapy's cover of Suicide Commando's song "The Devil"! It was recently released on the new Suicide Commando's album "Forest Of The Impaled" Limited Edition 4CD BOX.

Listen to the CT's cover:


➧ You can order the 4CD Limited Edition of the album here:

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

15% off everything in the CT Merch Store!

15% off everything in the CT Merch Store!
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

"Figures and Faces" review by Side-Line Magazine

Album rating: 7

Original review page:

Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Background/Info: Polish artist Jacek Wolański set up Cold Therapy as a solo-project in 2012. He quickly started working with singers, but now strikes back as a solo-project unleashing the third official full length album “Figures And Faces”.

Content: Sound-wise nothing has really changed. This new work moves on where “Masquerade Infinite” stopped. Cold Therapy is not exactly the dark-electro formation driven by powerful sequences and hard-pumping rhythms. The power is hiding in the dark atmospheric aspect of the work. It sounds a bit bombastic and reinforced by industrial sounds. I also noticed a few epic-like chant passages, which are in harmony with the epic input. Wolański sings in a rather ghost-like style, which is fully appropriated with the music.

The overwhelming haunting atmospheres are once more evoking to me the tormented style of Yelworc and even Wumpscut. The last song features Fredrik Croona (Cynical Existence).

We next get remixes by Acervus, Homicidal Feelings and Impurfekt.

+ + + : Cold Therapy is definitely not dealing with the typical dark-electronics. The sound is mixing some elements of dark-electro with poignant, haunting atmospheres. It comes closer to an ambient approach of dark-electronic music creating the uniqueness of the band. “Figures And Faces” is a well-crafted piece of music with a tough industrial flavor. It also is one of the bands signed to Advoxya Records with a somewhat different approach, which is good for the label’s diversity.

– – – : The main difficulty with this album and kind of sound is to find a place among the wider number of bands dealing with danceable and more typical formats in the dark-electronic genre. There’s no real hit and I expected some of the remixes getting more dance vibes.

Conclusion: Cold Therapy is dark-electronic music to listen to! It sounds like a subtle ambient power mixed with evil forces.

Best songs:The Broken One”, “Night Dwellers”, “Scarecrow”, A Story Untold”.

Rate: (7).

Label: www.advoxyarecords.com / www.facebook.com/pages/AdvoxyaRecords/265765706059

Review by Stéphane Froidcoeur (Side-Line Magazine)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

CT on the "June 2017" compilation by Brutal Resonance

Cold Therapy with the song "Night Dwellers" on the free compilation "June 2017" by Brutal Resonance.

➧ Download the compilation for free here:


01. NØIR - The Burning Bridge
02. HORSKH - Engaged and Confused 
03. Cold Therapy - Night Dwellers 
04. Cell Zero - Enemies On All Sides 
05. Atonalist - The Road To Perdition (Feat. Gavin Friday
06. State of the nation - Amsterdam 
07. Subliminal Code - Sin of Pleasure V2 
08. DJversion666 - Embrace The Entropy 
09. Spankraght - NITRO (feat. J Munkeby)
10. Aim & Execute - Burial 
11. Āleph 𐤀 - Nature 
12. r.roo - to the bottom 
13. Lights Out, God Help Me - Lapdance 
14. Jaguardini - Caligari 
15. Bleeding Corp. - Die On the Road (Alien:Nation Remix) 
16. Crash-Scan - Descent 
17. DREDDUP - I Dream Alone 
18. Acclimate V.1 - Good Evening 
19. DreamReaper - Astro Blaster

Friday, June 16, 2017

CT's cover on Suicide Commando's album "Forest Of The Impaled"

Finally, it can be officially announced - Cold Therapy's cover of "The Devil" will be released on the upcoming Suicide Commando's album "Forest Of The Impaled". 

It will be featured on the CD4, which is titled "The Devil". Full tracklist below. 

➧ Pre-order the album here: 


1. The Gates Of Oblivion 
2. My New Christ 
3. Too Far Gone 
4. Death Lies Waiting 
5. The Pain That You Like (feat. Jean Luc De Meyer
6. Poison Tree 
7. The Devil 
8. Chasm Of Emptiness 
9. Crack Up 
10. Schiz(o)topia
11. We Are Transitory 

1. Death Lies Waiting (Nigen Remix) 
2. The Pain That You Like (Pride & Fall Remix) 
3. Chasm Of Emptiness (The Psychic Force Remix) 
4. My New Christ (Life Cried Remix) 
5. The Pain That You Like (Orange Sector Remix) 
6. Too Far Gone (Plastic Noise Experience Remix) 
7. Chasm Of Emptiness (Mildreda Remix) 
8. My New Christ (Reaxion Guerrilla Remix) 
9. Death Lies Waiting (:SITD: Remix) 
10. My New Christ (2nd Face Remix) 
11. God Is In The Rain (Katarina MissKey Cover) 

CD3 Tribute CD 
1. Come To Me (by Acylum
2. Love Breeds Suicide (by Reaktor 7x
3. Desire (by C-Lekktor vs. Circuito Cerrado
4. Monster (by Short and Crunch
5. Cause Of Death: Suicide (by Alien Vampires
6. Sheer Horror (by Empusa
7. Conspiracy With The Devil (by ES23
8. Fate (by Mildreda
9. Hellraiser (by Nano Infect
10. Time (by XSRY
11. Actions Of The Mind (by Aim and Execute
12. Godsend (by Body Harvest
13. Sterbehilfe (by Stahlnebel & Black Selket
14. See You In Hell (by Yu feat. Blackjack O'Hare

CD4 The Devil 
1. The Devil (Satanismus Remix) 
2. The Devil (Cold Therapy Cover) 
3. The Devil (Instrumental) 
4. The Devil (Sektor O Cover) 
5. The Devil (Original 1991 Version)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

15% off all T-Shirts in the CT Merch Store!

15% off all T-Shirts in the CT Merch Store!
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