Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Year Summary

 Cold Therapy was founded by Jacek Wolański on October 8, 2012 as a solo project.
Jacek was slowly working on material for the debut album, concentrating on getting some promotion by doing remixes and featuring songs with other artists.

 On November 5 Cold Therapy joins Halotan Records.• First interview for Halotan Records (Click here)

 The bands name started to appear, first remixes were officially released on albums by Terrortek X and Subliminal Noize.

 CT's songs were included and released on compilations "Digital Recovery: Part 1", "Freak Machine 0.2" and "Tactical Beats (Winter Ops)".

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cold Therapy on compilation "Tactical Beats (Winter Ops)"

Cold Therapy's song "Embrace The Silence" is included on 6-track  compilation "Tactical Beats (Winter Ops)". There are also bands like - Angeldust (project of Angel and Nadine from Acylum), Red-Line, Asylum Black, Neon Roads, Acrophilic Project and remix by Morte Infexion.

Buy (100 free download):


01. Neon Roads - Awakening
02. Angeldust - Bloodsport
03. Asylum Black - Deadlights [Version II]
04. Red-Line - Cross The Line [Morte Infexion Remix]
05. Cold Therapy - Embrace The Silence
06. Acrophilic Project - Breaking the System

Cold Therapy on compilation "Freak Machine 0.2"

Cold Therapy's song "Lost Your Way" is included on CD1 of compilation "Freak Machine 02". There are also bands like - Larva, Controlled Collapse, Child From The Crypt, Orbicide, Retconstruct, Garten Der Asche and many more.

It can be bought here, on official Bandcamps page:

• CD1
• CD2



01. Tactical Module - Where Angels Rise (Project Rotten Remix)
02. Acrophilic Project - Defecto E-4
03. Retconstruct - Acces Infernus
04. [EC] - The Mind Is a Labirynth
05. Pittersplatter - Frozen
06. 6.1.6. - Third Eye Between Lines
07. Neon Roads - Awakening
08. System FX - Overdrive
09. Nousia - Hallowed by thy Name
10. Bleeding Corp. - Bang your Head
11. Garten Der Asche - Nemesis
12. Cold Therapy - Lost Your Way
13. Asináptico - Save You From Yourself
14. Code: Red Core - May Day
15. MZK - Code666
16. Noize Level - Rave Into My Veins (Asináptico Remix)


01. Devilsight - La Ceguera
02. Larva - Where the Butterflies go to die
03. Orbicide - Holocaust ov Egypt
04. Corroded Master - Steel
05. Detuned Destruction - Argentinen (Club Mix)
06. L.I.N.E. - Síntomas de Pandemia
07. Child From The Crypt - You Don't Exist
08. Device Noize - Pesadella
09. Controlled Collapse - Without Me
10. Noiz + Zilenth - Don't Close Your Eyes
11. Mechnophile - They Take (Liberty Destroyer Mix)
12. AlDae - What Will Remain When I Die (Feat. Kari Tribble)
13. United and Identified - X-Truth-E
14. Medussah - Mundo Irreal
15. Subliminal Code - Soldier of Hell (Walking On Earth Remiz by Flesh Of Sin)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some informations about upcoming album

If anyone want some informations about Cold Therapy's debut album called "Embrace The Silence", I can tell there will be probably 15 songs in total - 11 original tracks (one song including guest vocals by Viscera Drip and one feat. with Jen Draven) and 4 remixes. The remixes will be from: Wynardtage, Die BrautLa Magra and hexis.
I would like to release it at the end of February, or at the beginning of March, but I can't promise anything at this moment, probably there will be delays.

Also check (if you didn't saw and are interested) first full song titled "Lost Your Way", which will be included on the upcoming album and was released on compilations: "Digital Recovery: Part 1", "Freak Machine 0.2" and "Halotan Records: Sampler 05".

Monday, November 19, 2012

Cold Therapy on compilation Digital Recovery Part 1

Song "Lost Your Way" by Cold Therapy will be released on Part 1 of compilation "Digital Recovery" (Hurricane Sandy Benefit Comp).


01. Leæther Strip - Corvus Monedula (Sandy version)
02. Freakangel - A Dozen New Scars
03. Ehron VonAllen - Virtues (Haujobb Mix )
04. Solemn Assembly - OFF WORLD
05. Degeneración Debraye - Apple Of Sodom (Marilyn Manson Cover )
06. Geodesique - Burn
07. Miyuki Day - Marōn 
08. Vigilante - The New Resistance (Diverje Remix)
09. UCNX - 21st Century (Head Like a Whore Mix)
10. Suitried - Coprophagia (Appetizer Mix) 
11. NTRSN - Meltdown 
12. Dead Frail Honesty - NonForgotten
13. Fearpassage - Fade Away
14. Asylum Black - Dead Inside
15. Cold Therapy - Lost Your Way
16. HEZZEL - Devastation



Monday, November 5, 2012

Interview for Halotan Records

Interview for Halotan Records, done (and translated) by Tomasz Herbrich.

Links to original:



"Jacek Wolański, founder of projects like Unsinn or Traumatize, will tell us about shines and shadows of music career, and about his newborn child, “Cold Therapy”. Enjoy!"

Tomasz Herbrich: So young and musically so mature... Can you tell me something about your beginnings? What encouraged you to join dark independent music „force”?

Jacek Wolański: Oh, I’m not so young <laugh>. Anyway, about my beginnings, I think it was typical. I was just a listener, and I loved that kind of music. I never thought about creating anything… It was really unexpected, just a free idea. And now you can see how it looks. From idea to something serious. I’ve started without any knowledge about music, I’m a self-taught, still trying to experiment.
I think, I need to mention about a person, who really helped me – Ad-X from Reactor7x. Few years ago, when I started with music, he helped me a lot, as a some kind of mentor. Rest was typical, a lot of fun, a lot to learn, trying something new. And after that, everything comes easy, when I’ve reached new contacts, and knew a lot of people who tried to help me.

Tomasz Herbrich: Yeah, we can hear in your music that Ad-X had done his job well. When I’m looking on your list of compilations where your project (Traumatize) was included, it gives me a headache. You are placed between fames like C-Lekktor, [X]-Rx or T3RROR 3RROR. How do you feel with it? Only “the chosen ones” could reach to that level.

Jacek Wolański: Sure it is satisfying, when you are placed between really popular bands, that you were listening to for years. When you succed, when you are pushing yourself forward… That’s why I’m doing it, for having that kind of pleasure. I’ve met a lot of famous musicians, it’s really nice to stay in contact with them as friends, or to hear a good opinions about my music. With Cold Therapy I’ll continue going this way, cooperate with well-known bands, and of course try to appear on various compilations, it is a good promotion for project.

Tomasz Herbrich: Before we start to talk about Cold Therapy, I have few other questions for you. Tell me more about Unsinn. It was your first official band? How was the cooperation with DeadChris?

Jacek Wolański: Well… It was complicated. It all started when me and DeadChris were just dreaming about creating a band. And finally we did it, but it was just experimenting with with music and learning.
Music and vocals in Unsinn was my part. DeadChris had to learn and help me with compositions, and also he had to learn how to play on synths, for live shows. Unfortunately, our cooperation didn’t take a good direction, because he was booking gigs without my knowledge about it, and I knew about it from our shared friends, or by finding deleted e-mails, where he was talking with organizers of the shows.
After that, I’ve told him, that I felt used, because I was doing all music and vocals for Unsinn, and he was booking shows behind my back, played my music on them and taked someone else on my place, who was singing live. Someday he went to play live at Vienna. His sister played on synths and he was singing… After that, he removed me from the band, took all rights, without mentioning about it. He said and wrote everywhere that I left the band by myself. And that was the end of our cooperation. As you can see, it was a bit “spicy”.
To clear the things out, I don’t want any misunderstandings, now I dont bear a grudge on him, and I wish him very best! We both went in our own ways.

Tomasz Herbrich: With Traumatize you also come very high. Foreign label, physical releases… Lot of polish artists are dreaming about that. Was it hard?

Jacek Wolański: To be honest, it wasn’t so hard as it can look like, but it was arduous, took a lot of patience and time, care about finding good contacts, and making your way to the right people. It came by itself. I’ve started to know with influental people and artists… After that, it was much easier.

Tomasz Herbrich: But even in Traumatize something went wrong. But we don’t shed a tears, because your newborn child called Cold Therapy is comming! We can hear first snippets of it on the internet. Tell us more about your new project.

Jacek Wolański: I dont regret anything I’ve done with Traumatize. It ended, that’s all. End of story. Don’t sched tears (it sounds a bit too dramatic).
Now I'm focused on Cold Therapy where I’m going to reach higher level. For now, you can hear short (40 sec) snippet of “Lost Yout Way”, but in near future it will be able in full length, released on Halotan Records compilation. Also you will find me on three other samplers… For now I’ve done three remixes and one featuring track, so I'm slowly starting the promotion for Cold Therapy.
About the sound… You can expect something like you already know from Traumatize, but I must say that I’m not so much interrested in agressive sounds right now. First Cold Therapy album will be more like classical Dark Electro style, with more „oldschool” sounds, because all that I love in this music genre comes from ’90s. I wonder if the new Cold Therapy album will be well accepted.

Tomasz Herbrich: So what is the biggest problem to realize your “american dream”?

Jacek Wolański: Live shows, I think. To this days, I’ve never played live, because I didn’t had opportunity and proper gear for it. But it’s a present state… I’ll never play alone, pressing play on my laptop and screaming to microphone. When you start to do something, do it good. I hope it will change in near future, and I’ll be able to play live.

Tomasz Herbrich: So what’s the reason? You can’t find any good musician? You don’t have gear? I understand your reluctance for “solo live – laptop performances”, because I heard that it looks really bad. But doesn’t good music defense itself?

Jacek Wolański: As you said, I think it’s frivolous. In my opinion, that kind of project should never play live. Standing alone with laptop? Sorry but it’s not the show… I’ve talked about all obstacles earlier. For now, this is the way how my live show would look, so I’m not doing it.
I must say that I had a lot of offers, even to play with well-known bands. From my friends BetaMorphose (ex Nurzery Rhymes) for example. They really want to play with me, but as you said, I don’t have crew for live acts. They should be trusted people, not someone from nowhere, cause I don’t want to be afraid for my back all the time, when I’m singing. I don’t have gear to play live, for now. It should change in future I don’t know where or when, but someday I will play live. that’s for sure, I can promise that!

Tomasz Herbrich: Now the classics. What does Cold Therapy mean to you?

Jacek Wolański: Name of my new project is a collison of all my past ideas, something between them, because they wasn’t really good for a project name and “cathy”. My friend helped me with it, and I liked it.
About the meaning, I think it is in some way about certain period of my life.

Tomasz Herbrich: Tell us then, when you want to release your debut album? And where, in near future, we can find Cold Therapy featuring tracks? Or is it a secret?

Jacek Wolański: For now, I cant’t say anything sure about release date of debut album, but I hope I’ll be able to finish work on it between February and March 2013… But it’s only a hope. When I’ll be finishing it, then, for sure, I’ll tell more.
And no, it’s not a secret where you can find Cold Therapy. I’ve recorded vocals to “El Comandante”, for Argentinian band FF.AA. They are playing martial industrial / dark electro, something between Feindflug and Acylum. Track will be included on their upcoming album, released by Mutant-E Records. I hope, there will be some kind of preview of it soon, so you can hear it.

Tomasz Herbrich: It seems to be interesting! Now, let’s talk about our motherland music scene. How it is for you? Is it getting stronger or weaker?

Jacek Wolański: It’s a bit hard for me to say anything about that, because I was working more on foreign music scene, and I’ve checked it more. But I think there’s something going on in polish scene. I think our music gain a lot in last few years. There appear a lot of good music projects, who are worth of attention, and they are getting it. What is good, that also there appeared new music labels, such as Halotan Records. If I must say, if our music industry is getting stronger or weaker, then I’ll say pick a first one. It’s certainly better, and a lot is happening there, comparing to the past.

Tomasz Herbrich: Is there a large difference between interest in your music in Poland and abroad?

Jacek Wolański: Quite interesting question. Generally, I’ve seen a lot of interest in my music, but mostly out of Poland. I had few interviews, many reviews, and I’ve found a lot of discussions about my music on web. But in Poland… Well, people weren’t so interested in my music. I was standing in the shadow of other motherland bands.
Maybe it’s because I didn’t played live gigs, so I haven’t got good promotion, unlike other bands. I also never have a polish record label. I’ve started abroad, so maybe it’s the promotion fault in Poland.
But this time it can be different, because I’m starting with Cold Therapy in polish label.

Tomasz Herbrich: Now tell something from yourself, for goodbye.

Jacek Wolański: I would like to thank to my friends, fans and Halotan Records for your suport. Halotan helped me a lot with upcoming release. Special thanks to friends who helped me, when I was thinking about stop working on music, after Traumatize get closed. They took me back to the good way!
Thank you for the interview, it was nice to talk with you. Feel free to follow Cold Therapy. I hope that fans of this kind of music wouldn’t be dissapointed. Se you all!

Tomasz Herbrich: See you to!

Cold Therapy joins Halotan Records

It's now officially confirmed - Cold Therapy joins Halotan Records!
Debut album on which project is currently working, will be released with this label.

Read more on Halotan Records official page:


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Terrortek X album with Cold Therapy remix is out

Remix by Cold Therapy released on the Terrortek X album "Bio Chemical Warfare". There are also remixes by Vault-113Freaky MindNolongerhumanBind Torture Kill and more...

Buy link: CLICK HERE


01. Bio Chemical Warfare (Vx-13 & Sarin-X Radio Mix)
02. Bio Chemical Warfare (Freaky Mind Radio Remix)
03. Bio Chemical Warfare (Nolongerhuman We Are All Dead Mix)
04. Bio Chemical Warfare (Vault-113 Remix)
05. Bio Chemical Warfare (Pagan Struck Remix)
06. Bio Chemical Warfare (Defiled By Kreep of Bind Torture Kill)
07. Bio Chemical Warfare (Corroded Master Chemical Agents Mix)
08. Bio Chemical Warfare (Cold Therapy Extended Remix)
09. Bio Chemical Warfare (Psycho Asylum X-Treme Noize Terror Mix)
10. Bio Chemical Warfare (Vx-13 & Sarin-X Club Mix)
11. Bio Chemical Warfare (Freaky Mind Extended Remix)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Featuring song with FF.AA

First featuring song is ready! Vocals for track "El Comandante" by FF.AA recorded.
It will be included on their upcoming album "Reorganización Nacional", released with Mutant-E Records.

FF.AA on Facebook: CLICK HERE


01. Introito
02. Aparato De Tortura
03. Alerta Roja
04. Partia
05. Desorden
06. El Comandante (feat. Cold Therapy)
07. Interrogatorio (feat. Brain Death)
08. Reorganización Nacional
09. La Ultima Guerra Interna
10. Tolerancia Cero
11. Aurora
12. Volver Al Camino De Grandeza
13. Tradición De Partia

Remixes by:

14. La Magra
15. Yura Yura
16. Detuned Destruction
17. Traumatize
18. Severe Illusion
19. Noiztradamus