Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Terrortek X album with Cold Therapy remix is out

Remix by Cold Therapy released on the Terrortek X album "Bio Chemical Warfare". There are also remixes by Vault-113Freaky MindNolongerhumanBind Torture Kill and more...

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01. Bio Chemical Warfare (Vx-13 & Sarin-X Radio Mix)
02. Bio Chemical Warfare (Freaky Mind Radio Remix)
03. Bio Chemical Warfare (Nolongerhuman We Are All Dead Mix)
04. Bio Chemical Warfare (Vault-113 Remix)
05. Bio Chemical Warfare (Pagan Struck Remix)
06. Bio Chemical Warfare (Defiled By Kreep of Bind Torture Kill)
07. Bio Chemical Warfare (Corroded Master Chemical Agents Mix)
08. Bio Chemical Warfare (Cold Therapy Extended Remix)
09. Bio Chemical Warfare (Psycho Asylum X-Treme Noize Terror Mix)
10. Bio Chemical Warfare (Vx-13 & Sarin-X Club Mix)
11. Bio Chemical Warfare (Freaky Mind Extended Remix)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Featuring song with FF.AA

First featuring song is ready! Vocals for track "El Comandante" by FF.AA recorded.
It will be included on their upcoming album "Reorganización Nacional", released with Mutant-E Records.

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01. Introito
02. Aparato De Tortura
03. Alerta Roja
04. Partia
05. Desorden
06. El Comandante (feat. Cold Therapy)
07. Interrogatorio (feat. Brain Death)
08. Reorganización Nacional
09. La Ultima Guerra Interna
10. Tolerancia Cero
11. Aurora
12. Volver Al Camino De Grandeza
13. Tradición De Partia

Remixes by:

14. La Magra
15. Yura Yura
16. Detuned Destruction
17. Traumatize
18. Severe Illusion
19. Noiztradamus