Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Year Summary

 Cold Therapy was founded by Jacek Wolański on October 8, 2012 as a solo project.
Jacek was slowly working on material for the debut album, concentrating on getting some promotion by doing remixes and featuring songs with other artists.

 On November 5 Cold Therapy joins Halotan Records.• First interview for Halotan Records (Click here)

 The bands name started to appear, first remixes were officially released on albums by Terrortek X and Subliminal Noize.

 CT's songs were included and released on compilations "Digital Recovery: Part 1", "Freak Machine 0.2" and "Tactical Beats (Winter Ops)".

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cold Therapy on compilation "Tactical Beats (Winter Ops)"

Cold Therapy's song "Embrace The Silence" is included on 6-track  compilation "Tactical Beats (Winter Ops)". There are also bands like - Angeldust (project of Angel and Nadine from Acylum), Red-Line, Asylum Black, Neon Roads, Acrophilic Project and remix by Morte Infexion.

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01. Neon Roads - Awakening
02. Angeldust - Bloodsport
03. Asylum Black - Deadlights [Version II]
04. Red-Line - Cross The Line [Morte Infexion Remix]
05. Cold Therapy - Embrace The Silence
06. Acrophilic Project - Breaking the System

Cold Therapy on compilation "Freak Machine 0.2"

Cold Therapy's song "Lost Your Way" is included on CD1 of compilation "Freak Machine 02". There are also bands like - Larva, Controlled Collapse, Child From The Crypt, Orbicide, Retconstruct, Garten Der Asche and many more.

It can be bought here, on official Bandcamps page:

• CD1
• CD2



01. Tactical Module - Where Angels Rise (Project Rotten Remix)
02. Acrophilic Project - Defecto E-4
03. Retconstruct - Acces Infernus
04. [EC] - The Mind Is a Labirynth
05. Pittersplatter - Frozen
06. 6.1.6. - Third Eye Between Lines
07. Neon Roads - Awakening
08. System FX - Overdrive
09. Nousia - Hallowed by thy Name
10. Bleeding Corp. - Bang your Head
11. Garten Der Asche - Nemesis
12. Cold Therapy - Lost Your Way
13. Asináptico - Save You From Yourself
14. Code: Red Core - May Day
15. MZK - Code666
16. Noize Level - Rave Into My Veins (Asináptico Remix)


01. Devilsight - La Ceguera
02. Larva - Where the Butterflies go to die
03. Orbicide - Holocaust ov Egypt
04. Corroded Master - Steel
05. Detuned Destruction - Argentinen (Club Mix)
06. L.I.N.E. - Síntomas de Pandemia
07. Child From The Crypt - You Don't Exist
08. Device Noize - Pesadella
09. Controlled Collapse - Without Me
10. Noiz + Zilenth - Don't Close Your Eyes
11. Mechnophile - They Take (Liberty Destroyer Mix)
12. AlDae - What Will Remain When I Die (Feat. Kari Tribble)
13. United and Identified - X-Truth-E
14. Medussah - Mundo Irreal
15. Subliminal Code - Soldier of Hell (Walking On Earth Remiz by Flesh Of Sin)