Monday, January 21, 2013

Cold Therapy on compilation by Halotan Records "Sampler 05"

Cold Therapy's song "Lost Your Way" is released on compilation by Halotan Records "Sampler 05".
It can be bought as a physical copy and also it's available as digital copy for free download from official Halotan Records site.

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01. Electric Chair - Northern Killing Time Beyond The Overwhelming Heart (Medley)
02. Alhena - Trial
03. Diavolopera - For T
04. Jesus Rodriguez - Spadaj Ze Mną
05. Sellisternium - Ad Acta
06. Już Nie Żyjesz - Proste Sprawy
07. Arshenic - Odejdziesz
08. Monstergod - Sway With Me
09. H.Exe - Blood Drain
10. Cold Therapy - Lost Your Way
11. Sthilmann - Mental Zombie
12. Projekt LR - CyberWastE

Monday, January 7, 2013

Remix by Cold Therapy released on Projekt LR EP "God Bless All Murderers"

Remix by Cold Therapy released on ProjektLR EP "God Bless All Murderers".

Buy physical copy or download EP for free here:

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01. Meat
02. I Want It Now
03. Switch Off!
04. God (SHIT)
05. OffL1N3
06. Nie Będzie Spokojnie
07. Tourette - Kwiaty Polskie (depressive RMX by Projekt LR)
08. I Want It Now (Cold Therapy Remix)
09. I Want a Remix from Body Supply Now
10. I Want It Now (Switchface Remix)

You can listen to remix by Cold Therapy here: