Saturday, June 1, 2013

Info about the upcoming album "Embrace The Silence"

Here are informations about the upcoming Cold Therapy's album "Embrace the Silence". The album cover was done by CCOMMO Design.

Album will contain 15 tracks. There will be 3 featurings songs - with Nano Infect, Viscera Drip and 13th Angel, and 4 remixes - by Die Braut, Wynardtage, hexis and La Magra.

Material will be sent to the label (Halotan Records) as soon as Nano Infect will finish recording guest vocals to "Betrayal".


01. Betrayal (feat. Nano Infect)
02. Embrace the Silence
03. Holy Spirit Denied (feat. Viscera Drip)
04. World of Crows
05. Nie Rezygnuj Z Marzeń
06. Hello, I'm Death
07. The Damned Soul
08. Closer Into Deep
09. Why do we Fall
10. Third Realm (feat. 13th Angel)
11. Lost your way

12. Lost your way (Die Braut Remix)
13. Lost your way (Wynardtage Remix)
14. Lost your way (RMX by La Magra)
15. The Damned Soul (Redesigned by hexis)