Sunday, July 28, 2013

Featuring song with FF.AA is out on their album "Reorganización Nacional"

Featuring song titled "El comandante" with FF.AA is out on their album "Reorganización Nacional", which contains also remixes by Traumatize, La Magra, Yura Yura and Noiztradamus.
Album is strongly recommended for all martial industrial genre and Feindflug fans.

FF.AA page:


Buy album here:

• Storming the Base


01. Introito 
02. Aparato de tortura 
03. Escuadron de asalto 
04. Autoridad moral 
05. Democracia? 
06. NN561 
07. Desorden 
08. Interrogatorio 5000 Volt. 
09. El comandante (feat. Cold Therapy
10. Reorganización nacional 
11. La ultima guerra interna 
12. Tolerancia cero 
13. Aurora 
14. Volver al camino de grandeza 
15. Reorganización nacional (Remix by Traumatize
16. Reorganización nacional (La Magra RMX) 
17. Reorganización nacional (Destructed by Detuned Destruction
18. Reorganización nacional (Yura Yura Remix) 
19. Proceso de reorganización nacional (Noiztradamus RMX)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cold Therapy on charity compilation Dance 4 Syria

Dance 4 Syria is a project to help the victims of civil war through music. They have released three digital compilations at the moment and Cold Therapy is included in one of them with our song "Embrace the Silence". 

There are als osongs from artists like Ambassador 21, hexis, DYM, K-Bereit, Ethan Fawkes, Resist Concept, Caustic and many more.

Go to the Dance 4 Syria bandcamp and buy a release. It will be a great help!

• Bandcamp


01. hexis - Everyday is Doomsday (PORNOISE version)
02. Caustic - Shrapnel Condition (Polluted Axis throws Caustic in a blender with the top off)
03. Psykkle - Switchboard Of The Souls
04. Roughhausen - Bottom Bitch
05. Subliminal Noize - Little Persian Girl (Ethan Fawkes Mix)
06. Diverje - War Within Me (Scar Limit Mix)
07. Lucidastic - Precise Moment To Strike (Instrumental)
08. K-Bereit - Start Running
09. Cold Therapy - Embrace the Silence
10. Ethan Fawkes - Live In
11. Resist Concept - Not To Touch The Earth
12. Bitch Per Minute - Rage Against Religion (Dance 4 Syria Edit)
13. Solemn Assembly - Retribution (Intrboots retaliation mix)
14. DYM - Sin Phony (2013 Remaster)
15. Dead Assassin - Square Zero (D4S edit)
16. Ambassador 21 - Face your Future Killers
17. Chemical Sweet Kid - Broken Wings
18. W303 - Too Soon (D4S Edit)
19. Anamorphosis - Crazy Mind Game
20. Recorded - Neil Acidstrong
21. Dyskhord - Happy In The End
22. Dpoint - She Touched The Strings (drowned in light remix)
23. Letzte Ausfahrt Leben - EBM Fanatics