Saturday, August 31, 2013

Featuring song with Vault-113 released on their new album "Cold Fusion"

Cold Therapy feat. Vault-113! Our featuring song titled "Entrückung" released on their new 2 CD album "Cold Fusion".
It's available to buy on Amazon, iTunes and Musicload.

To buy the album or listen to preview of it, visit Future Frame label page:


01. Enter the Vault (Intro)
02. Human Predator
03. Stellarator
04. Star Collider
05. Devour
06. Surreality
07. Vampire Faces
08. Fusion Chamber
09. Inner Chaos (feat. Atomizer)
10. Misanthropie für Fortgeschrittene
11. Electrowelt Theme (Remix)
12. Feel me twice (Original by Sleetgrout)
13. Desolate November Days
14. Leichenfeier (Prestige Mix)
15. Voice of Havoc (Hydrocyanic Remix)
16. Doomsday Device (Valium Era Remix)
17. Entrückung (feat. Cold Therapy)
18. Kranke Puppen (Enriched with Noise)
19. Mechanism (Distractor Remix)
20. Neutron Fun (Sinfusion Remix)
21. Leichenfeier (Pixelbreed Remix)
22. Doomsday Device (Object D Remix)
23. Entrückung (Descent Mix)
24. Neutron Fun (Syndikat-E Remix)
25. Leichenfeier (Sedated Mix)
26. Entrückung (First Mix)
27. Neutron Fun (First Mix)
28. Leichenfeier (Chainreactor Remix)