Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - Year Summary

 On September 1 the first album "Embrace the Silence" was out, consisting of 15 tracks in total, including 3 featurings with Nano InfectViscera Drip and 13th Angel, as well as 4 remixes by Die BrautWynardtageLa Magra and hexis.

 On June 19 Jen Draven joined to the band, as a female vocalist.

 First CT's featuring songs released on albums by Vault-113FF.AA (x2), A.[D].N and 13th Angel (included on compilation).

 Another officially released remixes for nolongerhumanNano InfectAggroaphobiaRSM,Projekt LRCorroded Master and At0shima 3rr0r.

 Appearances on compilations "Infraschall Vol.5", "Tactical Beats: Tactical Tracks 2nd Assault", "Halotan Records: Sampler 05", "Halotan Records: Sampler 06", "Halotan Records: Sampler 07", "Dance 4 Syria - Vol.2 - Industrial" and two online samplers "EBM ADDICTION 10,000 Vol. II" and "EBM ADDICTION [VOL 3]".

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our remix released on Nano Infect's album "Scars Of Denial"

Our remix released on new Nano Infect's 2CD album "Scars Of Denial".
First disc consist of 14 songs, when the second, remix CD have 13 remixes from, bands like Acylum, Die Braut, ES23, Cynical Existence and many more.

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CD1 "Scars Of Denial":

01. Scars Of Denial (Back To Your Crypt)
02. 162-A (Bombardment)
03. D-Stroyed Frequencies
04. Danceslut
05. Evil Supreme (Sex & Violet)
06. Never Too Drunk (To Fuck)
07. Love Lies Bleeding
08. Alert!
09. Hell-As Imperial
10. Jesus Is Dead
11. In Cold Blood
12. We`re Going To Kill You
13. The Black Swan
14. Outro

CD2 "Remixed Scars":

01. In Cold Blood (NYNE Rmx)
02. Jesus Is Dead (Necroceptor Rmx)
03. Love Lies Bleeding (First Black Pope Rmx)
04. 162-A (Bombardment) (Acylum Rmx)
05. Scars Of Denial (Back To Your Crypt) (Die Braut Rmx)
06. Love Lies Bleeding (Totem Obscura Rmx)
07. Danceslut (Cynical Existance Slutty Rmx)
08. Jesus Is Dead (ES23 Rmx)
09. Alert! (Cold Therapy Rmx)
10. Jesus Is Dead (Terrorkode Rmx)
11. Danceslut (Cutoff Sky Rmx)
12. Alert! (Aengeldust Rmx)
13. Jesus Is Dead (Disorder Faith Rmx)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Remix for nolongerhuman released on their new EP "Introvert"

Remix for nolongerhuman released on their new EP "Introvert", among with the remixes from bands like C-Lekktor, Die Braut, aktivehate, Stahlnebel & Black Selket and Nie.

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Disassembled Tears
02. The Death Hour (C-Lekktor Remix)
03. The Death Hour (Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
04. The Death Hour (aktivehate Remix)
05. Memoirs
06. Lusus Naturae (Die Braut Remix)
07. Lusus Naturae (Reworked by Nie)
08. Lusus Naturae (Cold Therapy Remix)