Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - Year Summary

 On September 1 the first album "Embrace the Silence" was out, consisting of 15 tracks in total, including 3 featurings with Nano InfectViscera Drip and 13th Angel, as well as 4 remixes by Die BrautWynardtageLa Magra and hexis.

 On June 19 Jen Draven joined to the band, as a female vocalist.

 First CT's featuring songs released on albums by Vault-113FF.AA (x2), A.[D].N and 13th Angel (included on compilation).

 Another officially released remixes for nolongerhumanNano InfectAggroaphobiaRSM,Projekt LRCorroded Master and At0shima 3rr0r.

 Appearances on compilations "Infraschall Vol.5", "Tactical Beats: Tactical Tracks 2nd Assault", "Halotan Records: Sampler 05", "Halotan Records: Sampler 06", "Halotan Records: Sampler 07", "Dance 4 Syria - Vol.2 - Industrial" and two online samplers "EBM ADDICTION 10,000 Vol. II" and "EBM ADDICTION [VOL 3]".