Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cold Therapy's remix on the upcoming Die Braut release

Cold Therapy
's remix will be included on the upcoming Die Braut release.
Release date will be announced next week.

Vinyl Tracklist:

01. Parricida Perpetuo (2014 Mix)
02. Legado Mortal (Original Mix)

CD Tracklist:

01. Soldier of Pain (Original Mix)
02. Fearless
03. The Black Bird (Echoes from the desert)

Parricida Perpetuo Remixes:

04. Cut off: Sky Remix
05. Assasin Mix by Drowning Susan
06. X-Fusion v/s Noisuf-X Remix
07. First Black Pope Remix
08. Acylum Remix
09. Mordacious Remix
10. Antibiosis Remix
11. Cold Therapy Remix
12. Noize Level Remix
13. Chris Fussion Remix
14. A7ie Remix
15. Terrorkode Remix
16. Redesigned by Hexis

Friday, February 14, 2014

Cover art and info about our upcoming EP "Carnival of Lies"

Cover art of our upcoming EP "Carnival of Lies". 
The EP consists of 6 tracks in total, 3 new songs + 3 remixes.
Coming out very soon...


01. In Excelsis
02. Carnival of Lies
03. Wer bist du?
+ 3 remixes from our remix contest

More info and full tracklist with the first winners from our contest (who made it for the EP) will be announced soon.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Carnival of Lies" Lyrics


"In Excelsis"

I'll take you to the highest Heights
I'm your god in a disguise
Leaving you right left to rot
I can see what you see not

This is the way you believe
The only failure you retrieve
Have you ever wanted to bleed
A priest will sow the seed

On my head the crown of thorns
Killing all the heathen newborns
Doing this for your delight
Take you to the highest Height

Raze me from your woolly thoughts
My conception turns to naught
Realize you aimed to high
A bloody payback with your life

Gnaw my flesh to the bone
Pitching to the brightest tone
Taking one last deep breath
Another god has bleed to death...

Another god has bleed to death!


"Wer bist du?"

Wer bist du
mein Leben zu beenden?
Mit deinen eisigen Händen.

Du nahmst mir den Atem
Mein Herz schlägt nur gering
Ich hänge am seidenen Faden
Weißt du wer ich bin?

Ich höre dich reden
Es klingt mir nicht vertraut
Nochmal fühle ich Leben
Spritz das Gift in meine Haut

Meine Sinne fast geraubt
Bricht durch Mark und Bein
Meine Muskeln werden taub
Neues Gift tritt hinein

Meine Venen brennen
Das Blut fließt nun trist
Ich kann dich nicht erkennen
Weiß nicht wer du bist...

Wer bist du
mein Leben zu beenden?
Mit deinen eisigen Händen.

In deinem Glauben
besiegelst du die letzte Tat
Schließt deine Augen 
und schaltest die Maschine ab


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Some news

 We have currently just 4 more tracks to finish (and than record vocals), to have ready material for the upcoming album.
The album will be titled "Masquerade Infinite"

 Before the album, we will release an EP titled "Carnival of Lies".
We have already material for it, just need to wait and pick two more remixes from the contest + have ready artworks

 In some time we will announce the results of our remix contest. Some of the remixes will make it for the EP, some for the main album. You will see the winners when the tracklists will be announced

 We left our current label Halotan Records and would like to thank them for their support and possibility to release our debut album "Embrace the Silence" physically.
Our second album "Masquerade Infinite" will be released with new label... 

More info soon!