Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cold Therapy's remix on the upcoming Die Braut release

Cold Therapy
's remix will be included on the upcoming Die Braut release.
Release date will be announced next week.

Vinyl Tracklist:

01. Parricida Perpetuo (2014 Mix)
02. Legado Mortal (Original Mix)

CD Tracklist:

01. Soldier of Pain (Original Mix)
02. Fearless
03. The Black Bird (Echoes from the desert)

Parricida Perpetuo Remixes:

04. Cut off: Sky Remix
05. Assasin Mix by Drowning Susan
06. X-Fusion v/s Noisuf-X Remix
07. First Black Pope Remix
08. Acylum Remix
09. Mordacious Remix
10. Antibiosis Remix
11. Cold Therapy Remix
12. Noize Level Remix
13. Chris Fussion Remix
14. A7ie Remix
15. Terrorkode Remix
16. Redesigned by Hexis