Monday, July 28, 2014

Our remix included on new Proyecto Crisis album "Under Control"

Cold Therapy's remix released on the new Proyecto Crisis album "Under Control".
There are also remixes by bands like Stahlnebel & Black Selket, Mordacious, Noize Level, Asinaptico and more.

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CD 1:

01. Sentimiento Oculto
02. Come on Bitch Move
03. Dámelo Nena
04. Necromorphosis
05. Salva tu Mundo
06. Se?or Jesús
07. Shake Your Ass
08. Solo un Trofeo Feat Ammen
09. País de Mierda
10. Error Militar
11. La Educación no se Vende
12. Descontrol
13. Electro Latino
14. What is War
15. El Asesino Feat Neon Roads

CD 2:

01. Come on Bitch Move (original)
02. Come on Bitch Move (Cold Therapy Remix)
03. Come on Bitch Move (CoexPro Remix)
04. Come on Bich Move (Asinaptico Remix)
05. Intercepción (versus CoexPro)
06. Intercepción (Mordacious Remix)
07. Come on Bitch Move (Stahlnebel & Black Selket Remix)
08. Come on Bitch Move (Noize Level Remix)
09. Come on Bitch Move (Antibots Remix)
10. Come on Bitch Move (Hasswut Remix)
11. What Is War (original)
12. What Is War (Detuned Destruction Remix)
13. What Is War Feat. Der Prager Handgriff
14. Come on Bitch Move ([EC] Remix)
15. Come on Bitch Move (A.[D].N. Remix)
16. Come on Bitch Move (Alt G Remix)
17. Come on Bitch Move (Subliminal Code Remix)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Our remix included on new Die Braut EP "Parricida Perpetuo"

Cold Therapy
's remix released on the new Die Braut EP "Parricida Perpetuo".
There are also remixes by bands like X-Fusion / Noisuf-X, Acylum, A7ie, Terrorkode, Mordacious and more.

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01. Soldier of Pain (Original Mix)
02. Fearless
03. The Black Bird (Echoes from the desert)
04. Parricida Perpetuo (Cut off: Sky Remix)
05. Parricida Perpetuo (Assasin Mix by Drowning Susan)
06. Parricida Perpetuo (X-Fusion v/s Noisuf-X Remix)
07. Parricida Perpetuo (First Black Pope Remix)
08. Parricida Perpetuo (Acylum Remix)
09. Parricida Perpetuo (Mordacious Remix)
10. Parricida Perpetuo (Antibiosis Remix)
11. Parricida Perpetuo (Cold Therapy Remix)
12. Parricida Perpetuo (Noize Level Remix)
13. Parricida Perpetuo (Chris Fussion Remix)
14. Parricida Perpetuo (A7ie Remix)
15. Parricida Perpetuo (Terrorkode Remix)
16. Parricida Perpetuo (Redesigned by hexis)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our remix on new AudioCentesis album "Zughenruhe"

Cold Therapy's remix released on the new AudioCentesis album "Zughenruhe".
There are also remixes by bands like Ruined Conflict, Viscera Drip, Orbicide, 2 Bullet and more.

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01. Complex Delusions
02. High Anxiety
03. Monotheist
04. Zughenruhe
05. Fragments
06. Beyond Hatred
07. Through Walls
08. Complex Delusions (Remix by Orbicide)
09. High Anxiety (Remix by Ruined Conflict)
10. Monotheist (Remix by Exemia)
11. Zughenruhe (Remix by Cold Therapy)
12. Fragments (Remix by Mach Fox)
13. Beyond Hatred (Remix by 2 Bullet)
14. Beyond Hatred (Remix by Viscera Drip)
15. Through Walls (Remix by Gothique Prince Ken (GPK))

Monday, July 7, 2014

World of Crows by Acervus

For the "World of Crows" lovers - here as a remix done by our friend Acervus. Take a listen, hope you will like it.
Together with Acervus we did also a featuring song, an alternative version of "World of Crows" which will be available on our upcoming album "Masquerade Infinite".

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our remix on the new impurfekt album "repurfekt II"

Cold Therapy's remix released on the new impurfekt album "repurfekt II".

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01. dark journey (blutspan remix)
02. bloody whore (xiao san mix by roughhausen)
03. the brave one (crawling mix)
04. dysthymia (gheists remix)
05. fallen (psykkle remix)
06. dark journey (jason alacrity remix)
07. fallen (arbitrarium remix)
08. asylum (pyrroline remix)
09. the nihilist (first aid 4 souls remix)
10. the light above (advent resilience remix)
11. the day the earth stood still (second ascension mix by mind.divided)
12. dark journey (lucidstatic remix)
13. spill your blood (violent ashes remix)
14. nightmares (invasion of female logic remix)
15. asylum (cloud roots remix)
16. fallen (cold therapy remix)
17. ashes (god is a face on the water mix by verney 1826)
18. fade away (lpf12 remix)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cold Therapy on the Digital Recovery: Part 10.4 compilation

Cold Therapy's song "In Excelsis" released on the compilation "Digital Recovery: Part 10.4".
The sales for this album will be donated to Digital Recovery contributor Joe Virus (Solemn Assembly / Ghost Dial). Joe was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2009 plus other medicals ailments. Thanks for all your support man. We all wish you a speedy recovery.



01. Asylum Black - Candles & Rituals
02. Rein[Forced] - Nausea (Tragic Impulse Remix)
03. Solemn Assembly - QUARANTINE
04. Definitive Strike - Behold a Pale Horse
05. Cold Therapy - In Excelsis
06. Nova State Machine - State Killing
07. Die Braut - Zoopsychic
08. Orbicide - The Holocaust ov Egypt
09. Void Prototype - Take You In
10. Ultimate Soldier - Prime Directives
11. Visions in Black - Faithless Sex
12. Corroded Master - A Knife Cut Sharp
13. Machines on Blast - The Order (Club Mix)
14. Forced Intention - Redemption Whiteout
15. Iluna - They Exist