Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our remix on new AudioCentesis album "Zughenruhe"

Cold Therapy's remix released on the new AudioCentesis album "Zughenruhe".
There are also remixes by bands like Ruined Conflict, Viscera Drip, Orbicide, 2 Bullet and more.

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01. Complex Delusions
02. High Anxiety
03. Monotheist
04. Zughenruhe
05. Fragments
06. Beyond Hatred
07. Through Walls
08. Complex Delusions (Remix by Orbicide)
09. High Anxiety (Remix by Ruined Conflict)
10. Monotheist (Remix by Exemia)
11. Zughenruhe (Remix by Cold Therapy)
12. Fragments (Remix by Mach Fox)
13. Beyond Hatred (Remix by 2 Bullet)
14. Beyond Hatred (Remix by Viscera Drip)
15. Through Walls (Remix by Gothique Prince Ken (GPK))