Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our remix on the new impurfekt album "repurfekt II"

Cold Therapy's remix released on the new impurfekt album "repurfekt II".

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01. dark journey (blutspan remix)
02. bloody whore (xiao san mix by roughhausen)
03. the brave one (crawling mix)
04. dysthymia (gheists remix)
05. fallen (psykkle remix)
06. dark journey (jason alacrity remix)
07. fallen (arbitrarium remix)
08. asylum (pyrroline remix)
09. the nihilist (first aid 4 souls remix)
10. the light above (advent resilience remix)
11. the day the earth stood still (second ascension mix by mind.divided)
12. dark journey (lucidstatic remix)
13. spill your blood (violent ashes remix)
14. nightmares (invasion of female logic remix)
15. asylum (cloud roots remix)
16. fallen (cold therapy remix)
17. ashes (god is a face on the water mix by verney 1826)
18. fade away (lpf12 remix)