Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - Year Summary

And here it is again, as we do it after every year - a summary of the year 2014 for Cold Therapy.


Released our EP "Carnival of Lies"

Started cooperation with Infinite Design
(including all graphics, from CD artworks, to banners, merch designs, etc.)

11 Released Remixes (list down)

1 Released Featuring Song (list down)

7 Compilation Appearances (list down)

List of Released Remixes:
:Wumpscut: - "Cross Of Iron (Cold Therapy Remix)"
Release title: "Bulwark Bazooka"

A7ie - "Taste Of Sorrow (Cold Therapy Remix)"
Release title: "Distress V2.0" (Digital Exclusive)

Die Braut - "Parricida Perpetuo (Cold Therapy Remix)"
Release title: "Parricida Perpetuo"

Proyecto Crisis - "Come on Bitch Move (Cold Therapy Remix)"
Release title: "Under Control + Remix"

Advent Resilience - "Recollection (Cold Therapy Remix)"
Release title: "Atavism"

impurfekt - "fallen (Cold Therapy Remix)"
Release title: "repurfekt II"

Obsidian FX - "You Are Eternal (Cold Therapy Remix)"
Release title: "Phlegm"

Reactor7x - "Sick of it all (Cold Therapy Remix)"
Release title: "Sick of it all"

AudioCentesis - "Zughenruhe (Cold Therapy Remix)"
Release title: "Zughenruhe"

Hasswut - "Sexgierig (Cold Therapy Remix)"
Release title: "Wir sind..."

At0shima 3rr0r - "Silent One (Cold Therapy Remix)"
Release title: "Silent One"

List of Released Featuring Songs:

Universally Unnecessary - "Perversity (feat. Cold Therapy)"
Release title: "The Uprising"

List of Compilation Appearances:

Beat:Cancer V2
Song: "Lost your way (Orbicide remix)"
Digital Recovery: Part 10.4
Song: "In Excelsis"

CRL Studios Presents: The Fourth Wavelength (Lost)
Remix: Biomechanimal - "Broken Wings (Cold Therapy Remix)"

CRL Studios Presents - While You Were Out vol. 2
Song: "In Excelsis"

CRL Studios Presents: Power Beyond Fathom (A Benefit For Don Hill Of Millipede) Part 3
Song: "So leicht..."

Elektro Villain: Volume 002
Song: "In Excelsis"

NAR Goth`N`Tronic Sampler Vol.3
Song: "In Excelsis"

Friday, December 26, 2014

Our song on "Power Beyond Fathom (A Benefit For Don Hill Of Millipede) Part 3" compilation

Cold Therapy's new song "So leicht..." from our upcoming album "Masquerade Infinite" released on the compilation "Power Beyond Fathom (A Benefit For Don Hill Of Millipede) Part 3" by CRL Studios.

Buy / Download:

CRL Studios on Facebook:


01. ]interstice[ - Plasticity
02. :Wumpscut: - Furunkel Lolita (XSRY Remix)
03. Dead Man'z Kassette - We Are Not Done
04. Psykkle - Tetsuo (Panic Lift Remix)
05. Toothgnasher - Slenderman (CRL mix)
06. Mindfluxfuneral - They're Everywhere
07. Ghost Dial - Expulsion
08. Dead Frail Honesty - Until The Cycle Returns
09. Worms Of The Earth - 18 Hands of Cundi (Limbless Nyia Remix by Nahja Mora)
10. Disheveled - Bloodsickle
12. Cold Therapy - So leicht...
13. God[COMPLEX] - Blood On The FLowers
14. Microwaved - Cancer Can Not Stop the Millipede
15. Virtual Terrorist - Neon City (Demo)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our remix released on the new Hasswut album "Wir sind..."

Cold Therap
y's remix released on the new Hasswut album "Wir sind...".
There are also remixes by bands like Psyborg Corp.Larva, Distorted World and more.

Buy album here:
Hasswut on Facebook:


01. Willkommen
02. Hasswut
03. Nicht für mich
04. Indus Messiah
05. Sexgierig
06. Kunststoff-Gehirn
07. Alles ist gut
08. Kinderheim
09. Maschinenwelt
10. Auge um Auge
11. Stigmata
12. Zukunft

13. Nicht für mich (Distorted World remix)
14. Maschinenwelt (Psyborg Corp. remix)
15. Kinderheim (DeFeo remix by Larva)
16. Sexgierig (Cold Therapy remix)
17. Hasswut (Obsidian FX remix)
18. Sexgierig (brünstig remix by Nekrotech)