Saturday, January 31, 2015

Our remix on the new The Dark Butterlfy EP "Alles oder Nicht"

Our remix released on the new The Dark Butterlfy EP "Alles oder Nicht"!
Now added to our "Remix works" library!

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01. Alles oder Nichts (Original Mix)
02. Tunnelblick (remixed by DarkInfarkt)
03. Alles oder Nichts (Insanity Mix)
04. Alles oder Nichts (StarDust Remix by StaticViolence)
05. Alles oder Nichts (remixed by Cold Therapy)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Our remix on the new F.T.C single "I'm Not Crazy"

This time remix released on the latest F.T.C. single "I'm Not Crazy", among with remixes by Traumatize, hexis, UCNX and more.
Take a listen!

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01. I'm Not Crazy
02. I'm Not Crazy (Traumatize Remix)
03. Beautiful Nightmare (UCNX Remix)
04. I'm Not Crazy (Destructed by Detuned Destruction)
05. Tongue Tied (Non Album Track)
06. I'm Not Crazy (Cold Therapy Remix)
07. Sado-Masochist (Antny D'n'B Remix)
08. Beautiful Nightmare (Electropote Angry Remix)
09. I'm Not Crazy (reakt[ion] Corey Eat Your Heart Out Remix)
10. Beautiful Nightmare (Nightmare Of Cain Remix)
11. I'm Not Crazy (Redesigned by hexis)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Featuring song with Acervus out on their new album "Something Beautiful"

Our featuring song with Acervus is released on their new album "Something Beautiful". Album is as "name your price" which means you can download it for free or support our good friend pay as much as you want. Make sure you check his music and give him some support! If you enjoy our music, you should give it a try. The feat includes some musical work and vocals by Jacek (Jan was ill).

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01. Into Infinity
02. Far, Far Away (feat. Cold Therapy)
03. Arrhythmia
04. La Espera
05. Noise I
06. Ascent
07. Death of an Angel
08. Witch in Angels' Clothing (v. 2.5)
09. K
10. Sleep
11. MIMD
12. The Enlightenment
13. Silenced
14. Under the Moon
15. Apex
16. Noise II
17. Petrochemical
18. On Deaf Ears
19. Something Beautiful
20. Mysterine