Friday, January 16, 2015

Our remix on the new F.T.C single "I'm Not Crazy"

This time remix released on the latest F.T.C. single "I'm Not Crazy", among with remixes by Traumatize, hexis, UCNX and more.
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01. I'm Not Crazy
02. I'm Not Crazy (Traumatize Remix)
03. Beautiful Nightmare (UCNX Remix)
04. I'm Not Crazy (Destructed by Detuned Destruction)
05. Tongue Tied (Non Album Track)
06. I'm Not Crazy (Cold Therapy Remix)
07. Sado-Masochist (Antny D'n'B Remix)
08. Beautiful Nightmare (Electropote Angry Remix)
09. I'm Not Crazy (reakt[ion] Corey Eat Your Heart Out Remix)
10. Beautiful Nightmare (Nightmare Of Cain Remix)
11. I'm Not Crazy (Redesigned by hexis)