Sunday, February 1, 2015

Our remix on the new reADJUST single "Kontrollverlust"!

Our remix released on the new reADJUST single "Kontrollverlust"!
This single is free to download from the reADJUST's bandcamp.

Get the single here:

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01. Kontrollverlust (Album Version)
02. Rough and Bleak (RMX by Wort-Ton)
03. Rough and Bleak (RMX by Soul in Sadness)
04. Lazarus (RMX by Blütenasche)
05. Lazarus (RMX by BlutKraft)
06. Rough and Bleak (RMY by H2G)
07. Rough and Bleak (RMX by hertzFABRIK)
08. Ego (RMX by Cold Therapy)
09. Rough and Bleak (2nd Shot by Total Pain Kollapz)