Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cold Therapy Official Merch Shop

And finally, as some of you asked about some shirts and merch - we are pleased to announce the launch of the official Cold Therapy store!

Cold Therapy Official Merch Shop:

A place where you can find shirts, pins and much more.
All designs by: Infinite Design

NOTE: The prices are not up to us! From each product we get only symbolic commission, most of the money are the costs of production and printing.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Preview of our upcoming album "Masquerade Infinite" (2015)

Here is preview of our upcoming album "Masquerade Infinite"!
Album will be released by our label - Advoxya Records.
More info about the release date will be published soon!
If you like and want to help, spread the word and share!


01. Masquerade Infinite
02. Carnival of Lies
03. In Excelsis
04. Wer bist du?
05. Creature of Masquerade
06. The Puppeteer
07. Illusion
08. Mask of Deceit
09. Suicide Solution
10. So leicht...
11. World of Crows (Acervus vs Cold Therapy)

12. Wer bist du? (Advent Resilience Remix)
13. The Puppeteer (No strings attached Mix by reADJUST)
14. In Excelsis (Asseptic Room Remix)
15. Wer bist du? (Orbicide Remix)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Our remix on the new Acylum EP "Zigeunerjunge"!

Our remix released on the new Acylum EP "Zigeunerjunge"!
There are also remixes by Amduscia, Benjamin's Plague and Iñaki Kreator.

Get the EP here:

Get our "Remix works" library here:

Acylum on Facebook:


01. Zigeunerjunge
02. Zigeunerjunge (Amduscia remix)
03. Follow Me
04. Zigeunerjunge (Benjamin's Plague remix)
05. My Knife (Iñaki Kreator version)
06. Zigeunerjunge (Cold Therapy remix)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Our remix on the new reADJUST single "Kontrollverlust"!

Our remix released on the new reADJUST single "Kontrollverlust"!
This single is free to download from the reADJUST's bandcamp.

Get the single here:

Get our "Remix works" library here:

reADJUST website:


01. Kontrollverlust (Album Version)
02. Rough and Bleak (RMX by Wort-Ton)
03. Rough and Bleak (RMX by Soul in Sadness)
04. Lazarus (RMX by Blütenasche)
05. Lazarus (RMX by BlutKraft)
06. Rough and Bleak (RMY by H2G)
07. Rough and Bleak (RMX by hertzFABRIK)
08. Ego (RMX by Cold Therapy)
09. Rough and Bleak (2nd Shot by Total Pain Kollapz)