Friday, May 1, 2015

"Carnival of Lies" review by Dark Fear

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"Cold Therapy is a brainchild of dark electronic musician Jacek Wolanski. He is no newcomer to the scene as his previous projects (Unsinn, Traumatize) gathered good following in their time.

Carnival of Lies continues the less dancefloor-oriented path the project assumed at its beginning. The songs are slow and the emphasis is on atmosphere. While still quite harsh the songs lack tempo and aggressiveness.

For the people who follow dark club scene this release will be an example of a record where remixes are better than original songs. Nie’s and FF.AA’s remixes are particularly good in terms of tempo and beat.

Of course many other dark electronic fans will be delighted with atmospheric sound and slow paced songs.

Very high technical standards of this release has to be pointed out: Jacek can be considered a veteran producer at this stage. This certainly can be heard in the music.

We can definitely recommend “Carnival of Lies” as very solid piece of alternative electronic music. We also recommend following the band on Facebook where you can stay in touch and get information about new releases as they come.

Cold Therapy’s Facebook profile:

Currently Cold Therapy is signed to Advoxya Records"

- by Dark Fear / Max