Saturday, May 30, 2015

"Masquerade Infinite" OUT NOW! | + New merch

Our new album "Masquerade Infinite" is OUT NOW! You can order it from the Advoxya Records​ shop, POPoNAUT, Out of Line and more.
Two months after the release date, it will be available in all digital stores and streaming sites.

You can also order your CD straight from the band, to get 1 of the 30 limited, signed copies with dedication + flyer!

• Order / reserve one contacting us via email:

• Advoxya shop:


• Out of Line:

CD's are limited to 300 copies.

In our Merch Store are also available new "Masquerade Infinite" related items, which comes in two different designs. You can find T-Shirts, Pins, Hoodies, Cups, Shoulder Bags and much more. Big thanks to Infinite Design​ for the beautiful work!

• Merch Store:

What are you waiting for? Make your choice!

"Change your wear, Open the gate.
Welcome to the Infinite Masquerade"

Album preview:


01. Masquerade Infinite
02. Carnival of Lies
03. In Excelsis
04. Wer bist du?
05. Creature of Masquerade
06. The Puppeteer
07. Illusion
08. Mask of Deceit
09. Suicide Solution
10. So leicht...
11. World of Crows (Acervus vs Cold Therapy)

12. Wer bist du? (Advent Resilience Remix)
13. The Puppeteer (No strings attached Mix by reADJUST)
14. In Excelsis (Asseptic Room Remix)
15. Wer bist du? (Orbicide Remix)

All songs written by: Jacek Wolański
Artworks by: Infinite Design
Lyrics and vocals by: Jan Ricker & Jen Draven
Mixing and mastering by: W\SCHWER Music Production
Track 11 written with Acervus (contains vocals by Jacek Wolański)
Released by: Advoxya Records
Catalogue Number: ad-hun-98-cd

Special thanks to:

Infinite Design

for all the wonderful graphic designs for the band and artworks for this release

Advoxya Records

for the big support and making this release happen

Remixers / Contributors:

• Infinite
• W\SCHWER Music Production

• Advent Resilience:
• Asseptic Room:
• Orbicide:
• Acervus: