Saturday, June 20, 2015

"Masquerade Infinite" enters TOP 50 Bestsellers on POPoNAUT

And we did it! Our album "Masquerade Infinite" entered the TOP 50 Bestsellers ranking on the POPoNAUT store, being at this moment on 44th place!

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Friday, June 19, 2015

"Masquerade Infinite" review by Synthemra.RU

Album rating: 8

(out of 10)
Original review page here (Russian):

"It can be fairly noticed that the Polish post-industrial scene has become a quite independent subject on the big dark music arena long time ago, and it has – if we consider the national dark electro industry in particular – an absolutely natural capability to dazzle the audience with such perspective and ambitious music brands such as H.Exe, Switchface, Controlled Collapse, Traumatize and many other gifted names. Pertaining to the young music project Cold Therapy, which is presenting its new conceptual album titled "Masquerade Infinite", it can be said that, being the protégé of sunk into oblivion Traumatize project, this solo-formation is doing its best at the creative level to look not like a faceless but an artistic and original band within the tight segment of its music market.

By involuntarily comparing the new album with Cold Therapy’s debut release "Embrace the Silence", one distinctive feature of "Masquerade Infinite" strongly stands out: "Masquerade Infinite" is a heavily internal, dramatically disclosed and depicted, as well as excessively slow-pace music material, consisting of its individual images, metaphors and allegories. We can argue that there is much more author’s attention paid to creative and artistic interior of the album, rather than to its technical content. There are no hard-beat and club-oriented anthems typical for the debut disk, such as "Embrace the Silence" or "Lost your way"; there is no specific music dynamics or clear music arrangements associates with many other conventional dark electro bands; instead, "Masquerade Infinite" – is a slowly pulsating electronically-abstract requiem that, perhaps and possible, refers to some personal feelings of Cold Therapy’s frontman Jacek Wolanski. Undoubtedly, some quick and absent-minded learning of the new album of the Polish virtuoso might create an illusion that the music stuff is undeservedly and extremely patient and lingering in its music self-disclosure and its emotional self-expression; additionally, there is some subconscious perception that "Masquerade Infinite" would rather successfully fit some autumn and typical melancholic setting. Nevertheless, on the other hand, speaking in simple and teenager’s terms, you can naturally have a ball from discovering this psychotropic theatrical play, if you are to listen to "Masquerade Infinite" with a thoughtful and serious approach, coming down the tracklist like descending the steps of a spiral winding staircase down to the dark and gloomy world of own subconscious mind. Within this slow wandering across hazy and obscure islands of your consciousness, it is possible to distinguish special album hits, such as "In Excelsis", "Wer Bist Du?", "Illusion" and the most energy-bringing song titled "Suicide Solution".

As a matter of fact, such a non-ordinary album by Cold Therapy is a hard topic of objective and one-side judgment. As it turned out, "Masquerade Infinite" has become an album of pure context and subjective human mood, which means that its aesthetical perception lies beyond some "bad" or "good" criteria.  It is hard to recommend listening to album to those fans of dark electro who appreciate the genre for its dancefloor qualities or for some sophisticated technical performances and songwriting techniques. Probably, "Masquerade Infinite" will meet the interests of those listeners who, at the certain period of life time, are eager and willing to dive into the theatrically-arranged and fictional environment full of human tragedy and spiritual melancholy. At the end of the day, it certainly feels that Cold Therapy has brought some small particle of the experimental approach to the music composing and, eventually, deals with a risk of facing some opposing reactions and contradictions within our sub-cultural audience. Still, it is nonetheless a pleasure to realize that the new release has been designed inside the halls of such non-trivial and non-trend thinking.

Score: 8/10"

- Review by Roman Alyoshin / T:ERROR:

Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Masquerade Infinite" review by Dan Watts (Hooded Stranger)

Original review page here:

"There is nowhere to hide from the sinister undercurrents of this Hell-bound yet hauntingly melodic album with its programme of orchestral & industrial elements. Combining wicked word-play & satanically crafted sound the album reaches deep within tainting every cell. Open the gates & enter at your own risk…

1. Masquerade Infinite:
Atmospheric; spine-chilling spoken introduction to the mayhem that is about to torture your senses & wreak havoc with your body, mind & soul. There are dark deeds at play within this track. It is not what is spoken but more of that which is not! Welcome…

2. Carnival Of Lies:
A densely morbid track shrouded in mist with a deep bass line driving the track through the darkness towards something… 

3. In Excelsis:
Slow tense opening before the sneer of distorted vocals taunt & tease the listener. Fear is the medicine of the day & this track delivers dose after dose. Synths create the tension & emotion & the drum sequence backed by a steady bass line adds the depth of insanity required to deliver the panic & claustrophobia. Lyrically dark; delivered with slick intent.

4. Wer Bist Du?:
Menacing lyrics delivered with malice & spite bites deep into your psyche. Orchestral components mixed with drum patterns add a certain weight to the track offering the listener a moment to appreciate the delight of the darkness within this track of impurity. Quite simply; outstanding!

5. Creature Of Masquerade
Elegantly crafted with atmosphere & a drifting bass line that mesmerises & teases. Vocals delivered with a snarl & a bitter undertone. Layered keyboards effortlessly drive the track through the emotions & add depth to the lyrics & whole visual element created. This dark track almost slips & allows a shard of light to break through before being quickly extinguished. Another track; not for the faint-hearted.

6. The Puppeteer:
The drums wake you from the spell allowing you to explore the prison inside your mind. This track corrupts your brain; revealing images that haunt & mislead. This evil track has a bass line that reverberates inside your head never truly releasing until the final chord has been struck. Lyrically strong; musically hard & dense; visually frightening. 

7. Illusion:
Wrapped in a shroud of mystery & intrigue this tracks plays with your senses. Distorted vocals hypnotise & take control. Exquisite aura with drifting synths combined with a gentle drum pattern add to the emotional journey this song takes you on. Ghostly track that feels awkward yet perfectly designed & intentional.

8. Mask Of Deceit:
Slow track; deeply haunting with female vocals almost chanting as if crafting a spell. Angelic images float but those angels are wearing masks. Behind this illusion lies a dark & sinister track that evolves into a dark place creating discomfort & fear. Beautifully produced & executed.

9. Suicide Solution:
Harsh vocal treatment delivered with the right amount of malice & spite turns this track into an evil passage of misery. The driving bass line gives the song its edgy horror feeling & the skeletal fingers in the darkness just tighten around your throat with each beat of the expertly programmed drums. Stand-out track on the album.

10. So Leicht...:
Faster & more industrial style track has a relentless momentum about it that becomes a white-knuckle ride throughout the song. Harsh lyrics create images that add direction & focus leading you deeper into the downward spiralling well of madness.

11. World Of Crows [Acervus vs. Cold Therapy]:
An industrial fusion that despite its initial appearance of mayhem; finds complete order from within the chaos. A track that needs to played loud to fully appreciate the genius of its creation & production. This takes the original version; flips it upside-down; wrings it inside-out & only then begins to re-build a new version!

12. Wer Bist Du? [Advent Resilience]:
When you are about to review a remix by Advent Resilience you already know you are in for a treat; this was no exception. As always; the mix became bigger, fatter & larger than life enhancing elements almost unheard on the original. Re-programmed drum sequences gave the mix a new dimension without losing sight of the original format. 

13. The Puppeteer [no strings attached mix by reADJUST]:
A well-crafted, re-designed version of the original with plenty of new elements fused in to make this an enjoyable mix that never became predictable. reADJUST understand how to remix a track without going too far yet still bringing us a new fresh alternative perspective. The change of pace/tempo in this mix from the original really worked & made this mix feel like a completely new track.

14. In Excelsis [Asseptic Room remix]:
This remix has altered the drum sequence with an amazing effect that changes the whole feel of the track. The track feels more direct in its approach yet also it feels more sensitive towards the vocal delivery. It has a classy style & has created a whole new set of visuals for this track. All additional elements have been purposefully included & not just thrown in but each has a specific effect that enhances the mix. A cleverly composed remix indeed. 

15. Wer Bist Du? [Orbicide remix]:
Disturbing remix that immediately grabs your attention. Slow; menacing & down right depressive: perfect! Not sure if this remix was purposefully placed last in the track listing but it works as the perfect conclusion to the album summarising all the dark elements found in the album. The synths just screech away & the atmosphere just builds: tense & morbid. Absolutely love this remix!"

- Review by Dan Watts (Systema Synthetica)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Our song on "Face the Beat: Session 2" compilation by Side-Line Magazine

Our song "The Puppeteer" remixed by reADJUST is released on the new "Face the Beat: Session 2" compilation by Side-Line Magazine.
There is also a second song includining Cold Therapy, a featuring track with Traumatize "Bound by Hell".