Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Our remix on new Lucidstatic remix album "You Are Here"

Another remix added to our "Remix works" library.
This time the one done for Lucidstatic, which is part of their new remix album "You Are Here", released on CRL Studios.

Buy the album here:

01. Beyond The Wall (Tear It Down Mix By Mind.Divided)
02. 98 Black (Digital Winter Remix)
03. It Won't Forget (:10: Remix)
04. The Drop (Testube Treatment)
05. Beyond The Wall (Rave Mix By Hydlide)
06. The Drop (XSRY Remix)
07. 98 Black (Corroded Master Remix)
08. Beyond The Wall (Pallisade Remix)
09. 98 Black (Cold Therapy Remix)
10. Celebrate Oblivion (iammynewt Remix)
11. 98 Black (ION EVE Remix)
12. Celebrate Oblivion (Bag Of Tricks Mix By Hydlide)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cold Therapy on the compilation "Halotan Records: Sampler 08"

Our song "In Excelsis" and featuring song with 13th Angel titled "Purgatory (feat. Cold Therapy)" included on the compilation "Halotan Records​: Sampler 08".

Get the compilation here:


01. Sthilmann - Throw It Out (From The HDD)
02. Dedicated Hardware - Without Clarity
03. A[D]N + Reaxion Guerrilla - Church decay (Disorder Faith Remix)
04. A7ie - Made Of Wrath
05. 13th Angel - Purgatory (feat. Cold Therapy)
06. Cold Therapy - In Excelsis
07. H.EXE - Underground
08. Child From The Crypt - Walking The Road Of Thorns
09. Nie - Friend
10. Impurfekt - Nightmares
11. Audiocentesis - Beyond Hatred
12. FF.AA - Aparato De Tortura
13. Warsickle - Invasion
14. Necroceptor - Insanity

Saturday, July 4, 2015

"Masquerade Infinite" now available digitally!

From today our album "Masquerade Infinite" is available also distributed digitally!
That mean you can buy and listen to the songs on our Bandcamp page too. If you haven't heard it yet and consider if order the CD - visit the link and listen!


Album is available in the digital stores and pages with streaming services.

You can find it on:

• Bandcamp
• iTunes
• Amazon
• Spotify
• Xbox Music
• Sony Music Unlimited / PlayStation
• Google Play Music
• Deezer
• Rdio
• eMusic
• Wimp
• Shazam
• MixRadio
• Juke mymusic

If the album is not available at any of the stores, just wait a few days and it will appear.

Have a great weekend everyone!