Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Masquerade Infinite" Limited Edition - 9 copies left! | Digital distribution starts now!

Get one of the Limited Edition copies of our latest album "Masquerade Infinite", signed + flyer with dedication. ONLY 9 LEFT!
Order one contacting us via email (preffered) or on our Bandcamp (where you can buy the digital copy as well).

Here you can listen to the album and / or buy the digital and physical copy:

Also the album is now distributed digitally, so you can buy and add it to your playlists on your favourite stores and streaming sites.

In our Merch Store are also available new "Masquerade Infinite" related items, which comes in two different designs. You can find T-Shirts, Pins, Hoodies, Cups, Shoulder Bags and much more. Big thanks to Infinite Design for the beautiful work!

Merch Store: