Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - Year Summary

Since March 10th, 2016, Jan and Jen are no longer vocalists of Cold Therapy.
After 3 years since the debut album, Jacek is back again to working solo and as the vocalist of the band.

on November 14th was released the third full-length album, titled „Figures and Faces”.
With this album, Jacek experimented even more with the sound style of CT, which resulted in more mature release, with more atmospheric and much darker music than ever before.

Figures and Faces” received a good feedback, getting very positive reviews and winning also the „Halloween Contest” with the song „Scarecrow”, hosted by Brutal Resonance.

During this year, Cold Therapy had 5 remixes released on the albums of bands like A7ie, Homicidal Feelings, and more + 8 compilation appearances. Full list below.

For even more detailed information about Cold Therapy, check out the official Press Kit:

Remix appearances:

A7ie - „Narcissick Volume II
Homicidal Feelings - „Cognitive Disorders
Subliminal Code - „Soldier Of Hell, Reborn
Promidal - „Simul iustus et peccator : : THE REMIXES : :
Binary Division – „Defcon 1

Compilation appearances:

Face The Beat: Session 4
- by Side-Line Magazine

Face The Beat: Session 3
- by Side-Line Magazine

Gothic Music Orgy Vol.2
- by darkTunes

Body Virus
- by Body Music

Gothic Music Orgy Vol.2
- by darkTunes

Blood Pack Vol. 3
- by Intravenous Magazine

Seasons of Electronics Vol. I
- by Black I.P Studio

CIA Volume 2
- by CIA Specialforces

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

CT on the compilation "Seasons of Electronics Vol. I"

Cold Therapy appeared twice on the new compilation "Seasons of Electronics Vol. I" by Black I.p Studio.
The songs which are included are the featuring song with Traumatize, titled "Bound by Hell" and "The Puppeteer".



Disk One :

01. Dan Scary - Land der 1000 Leichen (not signed)
02. ± DJ Harder ± - Season of a meltdown (Made in Japan) (BLACK I.P STUDIO)
03. Psy'Aviah - Wild Ride ft. Miss FD (Dead or Alive Edit) (Alfa Matrix)
04. Beät In Zën - You make me sick (Live 2015) (not signed)
05. Cold Therapy - The Puppeter (Advoxya Records)
06. VV303 - The Sing (Elektro Punkz)
07. Parade Ground - Strange World (RMX by DJ Dark Side Marcelo Carreira) (Infacted Recordings)
08. ± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ± - Dying Memory (BLACK I.P STUDIO)
09. FlammPunkt - Dirty (Sex Dolls and Disco Balls Mix) (Beyond Therapy Records)
10. Programyst - Source (not signed)
11. Traumatize - Bound by Hell (feat. Cold Therapy) (not signed)
12. Theothersideofwho? - Le Choix (not signed)
13. Fløg - Surgery 42-4 (not signed)
14. Code : Red Core - Forlorn (not signed)

Disk Two :

01. Rhesus Factor - Kampf Sieg oder Tod feat. Leaether Strip (Victory Version) (Body Music / Razgrom Music)
02. Jonteknik - Biosphere (not signed)
03. Binary Division - Dead Soul (Dead Or Alive Mix) (Dark Tunes Music Group)
04. Disorder - Not enough love (not signed)
05. Tonchirurgie - Dream (not signed)
06. DJ Pakrac - Manöver in der Dunkelheit (Vocal Dub) (not signed)
07. M.Nomized - The Final Climb (Fraction Studio)
08. H° Catalyst - I see it in the tv Go black (not signed)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

"Night Dwellers" on the "Body Virus" compilation by BODY MUSIC

Cold Therapy with the song "Night Dwellers" on the "Body Virus" compilation by BODY MUSIC.
The song is taken from the new album "Figures and Faces", check it out!

➧ Get the compilation here:

➧ Order the Limited Edition of the album "Figures and Faces" here:


01. Synthetic Blast - Raven´s Heart (The Opposer Divine Remix)
02. Cold Therapy - Night Dwellers
03. Inline Sex Terror - Human Rights
04. HanZ AciD - In der Dunkelheit
05. Electro Fear - Heaven
06. Damage Control - Angst (Primitive Mix by Ohm)
07. Euforic Existence - Do You Tolearate
08. Werksfront - Diskojugend
09. KnK - Empty Future
10. Sturtzfrequenz - Schwarze Verführung
11. Larva - Y Cuando Todo Caiga
12. Vaylon - Under The Sea (Single Version)
13. Transponder - Der Stiefel (Remix by Rhesus Factor)
14. Droid Sector Decay - A Lack Of Visions Is A Dream Destroyed
15. StykFaktor - Call To Arms
16. Human Steel - Utilization
17. Düsseldorf vs. C. H. District - Jaskrawe Kolory
18. WANT/ed & Miranda Cartel - My Pride
19. Kode IV - Work
20. Cyber Axis - Delirious
21. Crimson Boy - Always Alana (NightStar Remix)
22. Lost Image - Move Your Body
23. Ad Vitam - Memories
24. Krushed Opiates - Boom
25. Technomancer - D-MN (Club RMX)
26. Fate Razor - Cold Star (Outcast Version)
27. Formato Negativo - Requiem (Body Virus Edit)
28. Rebel Empire - Movimiento Maquina (GRÈU Remix)
29. Dpoint - The American Dream (Original Mix)
30. Post Machinery Environment - Black Comedy

Friday, December 9, 2016

"Figures and Faces" Lyrics


"The Pretender"

Broken, almost hollow 
I am so hard to understand 
Pretending, each day 
Hoping, life's changed 
Then waking up and being stuck 
Because everything's stayed the same 

Oh, I'm feeling so small 
Back against the wall 
I don't cast a shadow at all 
All that because I am... 
The Pretender 

Then I will 
Open up my eyes 
I'll lie to myself 
So I don't cry 
No matter how many times I've tried 
I am dying 
And watching the days go by 

I shattered the whole... 
Such a long time ago 

Why do you see me so differently 
Than I see myself 
Picking through the pieces 
To see what would stay, and what would go 
And perhaps that is the secret 
You see the lie, but it doesn't show 

Oh, I'm feeling so small 
Back against the wall 
I don't cast a shadow at all 
All that because I am... 
The Pretender


"Figures and Faces"

Shadows dance across the wall 
Symbols of madness play in my mind 
The darkness beckons me closer 
I hold out a shivering hand 

I'm tainted; I'm broken 
I'm weak and draped in fear 
I follow the edge of misery 
Because I don't want to be left here 

Figures and faces hidden in shadow 
People and features I long ago knew 
They haunt and they taunt 
As they slowly turn the screw 

Figures and faces obscured from view 
Places and images I once knew 
They taunt and they haunt 
As they slowly bite and chew 

Storm clouds form outside my door 
Shapes of evil reside in my head 
The blackness beckons me nearer 
I hold out a trembling palm 

I'm tainted; I'm broken 
I'm weak and cloaked in pain 
I follow the edge of misery 
Because here I don't want to remain



He sold his soul to fix his imperfections 
He felt his body needed some corrections 
On the inside his soulless body began to rot 
Beauty came at a price more expensive than he had thought 

Under his skin... an infestation of worms 
Horrid disease and rabid germs 
He was a caterpillar, who formed a toxic cocoon 
Born as a butterfly under a full moon 

The pictures told a different story than the words 
He was haunted by the birds 
They pecked at him to get to the worms beneath 
They had beaks as sharp as teeth 

He was vile, but he had a pretty smile 
Until the birds tore away his flesh 
And now the smell of a corpse 
Is the only thing that is fresh 

His head was taken by the crows 
Carried to the field where no one goes 
To their master, the old scarecrow 
Where his head will forever lie and no one will know


"Night Dwellers"

Bathing in a lake of Nightfall's tears 
They drink the wails of immortal regret 
Born of anguish and unnamable fears 
They are free from the Reaper's debt 

Their faces are cast from ultimate shadow 
Their eyes are forged from indigo flame 
Their mouths are sealed and seamless 
But they whisper madness just the same 

Here, in this ghastly orgy, the righteous die 
Wounded beyond repair by their secret sins 

Melodic verses distilled from the poison cold 
A lover's caress of the heart's intangible cleft 
Though hatred blooms, and jealousies unfold 
The Dwellers will not stop until nothing is left 

Psychic flesh is peeled from wanton desire 
The fissures of self and shadow grow wide 
And slowly, lovingly, the sleeping awaken 
Awaken, unknowing, to the darkness inside 

...The righteous die 
Wounded beyond repair by their secret sins



I Am Shapeless 

Unravel words unspoken 
Never give breath to regret 

For in the past still lies 
The darkness we fought 

Shapeless dreams 
Broken desires 
Shapeless hopes 
Broken promises 
Shapeless future 
Broken mind 

I Am Shapeless 

There is no going back 
No second takes


"The Dark Red"

This color called red 
Has torn me apart 
I've lost sight of the truth 
I've destroyed my mind 

The Dark Red 
Embers of hope 
The Dark Red 
Ashes of pain 

The Dark Red 
Poison and heart 
The Dark Red 
My crimson curse 

This color called red 
Runs deep in my veins 
So cruel, never kind 
It knows only pain


"Portrait of Grotesque"

Knives twist, and I cannot win 
Torment me. The freak 
Another lifeless husk walking 
Distorted and broken 

It's never enough to free this pain 
Shackle me. The freak 
Whatever the reflection 
Equates to delusions of my illusion 

All I see... 
Portait of Grotesque 
All I see... 
Portait of Grotesque 
All I see... 
Portait of Grotesque 
All I see... 
Portait of Grotesque 

Tick tock, tick tock 
The time is running away 
Let's stay in this murky grave 
Until we rot away 

Watch how shallow waters 
Drown out my flame to smoke 
I can already see 
The dead face of forgotten dreams 

Walk alone in a circus full of eyes 
Lost to roam 
Struggling. Malfunctioning 
I need to run away 

Walk alone in a circus full of eyes 
Lost to roam 
Arresting. Devouring 
Faces who we ignore 

Grotesque inside, yet stunning to see 
Shackle me. The freak 
Common sense dies, like cigarettes 
In human dust 

This dream still burns, turning me to ash 
Torment me. The freak 
Estrange my lungs of this bitter scent 
Scent I can't breathe 

All I see... 
Portait of Grotesque 
All I see... 
Portait of Grotesque 
All I see... 
Portait of Grotesque 
All I see... 
Portait of Grotesque


"The Broken One"

In the withering silence 
Thoughts stitched with strands of pain 
In the withering silence 
My thoughts enslaved of chaos' reign 

By force, I am abandoned by slumber 
And yet, still, I am dreaming deep 
Nocturnal peace, that precious plunder 
Oh, how I long once again to keep 

In this prison... so empty and cold 
I wash in the tears of unfeeling regret 
At what cost have I my humanity sold 
Strangers never known, friends never met 

In the harshest light I could always leave 
In the deepest dark - this, I do not desire 
To admit my fear-born will to deceive 
To admit my lust for life's majestic fire 

This is the prison whose bars I made 
Wrought of my desolation's illusory spell 
No... there is no one I can blame 
For creating and living this phantasmal hell 

Save me... 
Save me...


"A Story Untold (feat. Fredrik Croona)"
lyrics by Fredrik Croona (Cynical Existence)

A path where no light shines 
A place that cloud thy eyes 
A mirrors paradise to shine 
But no reflections can ever be found 

A craving for lust and pleasure 
A hunger that can't be pleased 
A light so dark that shines so bright 
The endless flames dying light 

A stumbling hollowed soul 
A search for something to behold 
A need for a story to be told 
The end is crawling closer and closer 

A darkened star in a dead sky 
A hope that was left to die 
A miracle for all to behold 
But only the dead have stories to be told


Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Figures and Faces" review by Brutal Resonance

Album rating: 8
(out of 10)

Original review page here:

If you were one of the eager people watching our Halloween contest and awaiting the results, then you were either happy or jealous that Poland's dark electro act Cold Therapy won due to his eerily atmospheric song 'Scarecrow'. The track was slow, melodic, but harsh all the same. While most Dark electro acts try to fine tune themselves for the Gothic/Cyber dancefloor, Cold Therapy focuses on making stories out of his music with completely erotic sounds. The best way I can describe Cold Therapy's music is as if a crypt keeper began to summon the dead to form a merry band together to curse and haunt the locals. 

Anyway, the reason I bring Cold Therapy to your attention is to speak of their latest album Figures and Faces. This is the album that features the song 'Scarecrow' as well as a whole lot of other goodies. Ten original tracks, remixes from Acervus and Homicidal Feelings as well as an appearance from Fredrik Croona makes the album to die for. 

Figures and Faces is an interesting beast as I have a feeling it's split into two parts; there's very dark, melodic, slow paced tracks that serve as conceptual boats. On the other hand, there are the tracks that get into mid-tempo range and make you wanna move at least a little. 'The Pretender', 'Figures and Faces', 'Scarecrow', and 'Night Dwellers', make up a big chunk of the moody, dark tracks on the album. Bells, slamming percussion, metallic industrial twangs, as well as horror vibes dominate these songs and bring out sinister sounds. 

The next half of the album, however, brings out faster beats with more electronic bits added in. The same type of graveyard atmosphere and mood is set in these songs, but the change of pace made a huge difference. 'A Story Untold', featuring Fredrik Croona, was like a House of Mirrors - strange, addicting, but completely fascinating. The vocals also changed from the usual growling to deeper, distorted whispering chords. 

As far as the remixes go, Acervus turned the title track into a lo-fi dark electro track. The deep bass was gone and was replaced by an underlying bassline that was one step away from being noise. Homicidal Feelings' added in a lot of technical elements to 'Portrait of Grotesque', though not everything seemed to fit in place with this track. impurfekt's remix of 'Scarecrow' turned to the song into a more light hearted, ambient track with great samples and wonderful piano work. 

Figures and Faces is a monster of an album. It's different; the slow, melodic approach along with spooky renditions and horror-esque interpretations made this album amazing. The next thing I can tell you to do is go listen to it - it's highly recommended!

- Review by Steven Gullotta

Saturday, December 3, 2016

"Figures and Faces" - shipping starts now!

The CD's are here! Shipping of all the orders will start next week.

➧ Order the Limited Edition of 40 Signed CD's + Postcard with Dedication:

➧ Album preview:

Monday, November 28, 2016

Limited Edition CD's - shipping starts soon!

Advoxya Records just confirmed that the CD's are on their way to the Cold Therapy HQ's.
Everyone who ordered the Signed, Limited Edition copies from the band - your orders will be completed soon!

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15% Off and Free Standard Delivery in CT Merch Store!

15% Off and Free Standard Delivery in CT Merch Store!

➧ Coupon code: 2016OMG
Promotion duration: 24 - 28 November, 2016

Cannot be combined with other codes or used for gift cards.

➧ CT Merch Store:

Saturday, November 19, 2016

CT on the new "Gothic Music Orgy Vol​.​3" compilation by darkTunes

Cold Therapy
with the song "Night Dwellers" appeared on the new "Gothic Music Orgy Vol​.​3" compilation by darkTunes.
The song is taken from the new album "Figures and Faces".

➧ Get the compilation here:

➧ Order the Limited Edition of the album "Figures and Faces" here:

Friday, November 18, 2016

CT on the new "Face The Beat: Session 4" compilation by Side-Line Magazine

Cold Therapy with the song "Figures and Faces" appeared on the new "Face The Beat: Session 4" compilation by Side-Line Magazine.
The song is taken from the new album "Figures and Faces".

➧ Get the compilation here:

➧ Order the Limited Edition of the album "Figures and Faces" here:

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"Figures and Faces" is out now!

The new album "Figures and Faces" is out now!

With this release, Jacek is back as the vocalist, bringing you the new material with a new sound, much darker than ever before.

➧ Order the Limited Edition of 40 Signed CD's + Postcard with Dedication:

There are also new "Figures and Faces" related items available in the CT's Merch Store - including 4 new designs variations (4th is exclusive for the cup)! Big thanks to Infinite Design for the beautiful work!

➧ Visit the Merch Store here:

• Album artworks by: Infinite Design

• Album mixing, mastering & digital distribution by: W\SCHWER Music Production


01. The Pretender
02. Figures and Faces
03. Scarecrow
04. Night Dwellers
05. Shapeless
06. The Dark Red
07. Portrait of Grotesque
08. Angesicht der Angst
09. The Broken One
10. A Story Untold (feat. Fredrik Croona)
11. Figures and Faces (Acervus Mix)
12. Portrait of Grotesque (Homicidal Feelings Remix)
13. Scarecrow (Remixed by impurfekt)

Monday, October 31, 2016

"Scarecrow" won the Halloween Contest by Brutal Resonance + new interview

Cold Therapy's song "Scarecrow" won the Halloween Contest, hosted by Brutal Resonance. Under the link you can read an interview with Cold Therapy and of course listen to the new track "Scarecrow", which will be part of the upcoming album "Figures and Faces".

Read more here:

Interview for Halloween Contest by Brutal Resonance

Interview by Steven Gullotta (Brutal Resonance)

Link to the original:


We're continuing to roll out the Halloween goodies on this festive day. We started off with a premiere of a music video and now we're moving forward by announcing the winner of our Halloween Contest. Out of all the many songs submitted by bands there was only one track that stood out the most to inspire thoughts of death, despair, and haunting walks through a graveyard. That song would be 'Scarecrows' by Polish dark electro act Cold Therapy. But let me waste away my breath no more; here's the reveal for 'Scarecrow'! Don't forget to check out the interview below to find out more about Cold Therapy and his interests in Halloween!

Hello Jacek, welcome to the site! First of all we'd like to congratulate you on winning our Halloween contest! So, let's get started talking about your winning track 'Scarecrow'. What was the song inspired by? When I saw the name and heard the song many 80s horror films came to mind such as 'Dark Night of the Scarecrow' and the like.

Jacek:  Hello! Thank you! To be honest I was really surprised that I actually won. I sent the track because a friend told me that I would have a good chance with my music and here we are. I'm happy that you liked the song! It's difficult to specify the inspiration, but let's just say that the 'Scarecrow' came to life after my contact with many forms of horror, gothic and fantasy styled art, which impressed me, starting from movies, going to video games like Bloodborne or Castlevania and even poetry. I just wanted to use my imagination and create some kind of story using mostly my voice and of course atmospheric music in the background. And 'Scarecrow' is the result.

And how did you go about writing this song? For a dark electro band, it's rather slow, atmospheric, and spooky. It seems different from what you normally would write.

Jacek:  Yes, I am aware that it's not too typical, not something that is really popular to listen to. From the start of Cold Therapy I always wanted to make dark electro music highly based on atmosphere, which, in my opinion, these days this music scene is lacking. I am just slowly gaining experience and trying to create my own sound and style. This song is a good teaser of the direction in which Cold Therapy is heading.

What do the lyrics of 'Scarecrow' revolve around? Are they simply fun, haunting lyrics or is there a deeper meaning to the track?

Jacek:  There is a deeper meaning. I am trying to create music that will work the imagination of the listeners, but also hide secrets as to what the lyrics really mean. The track is about human nature and a need to be accepted by the society, someone who has problems accepting themselves, who feels ugly and rejected, imperfect. This person starts to throw everything away just to pursue and achieve the goal to be beautiful. Doing so is changing and slowly losing their soul. They've become beautiful with a beautiful smile but have a soulless and rotten inside. At the end they're left with just who they really are.

This track is coming off of your next album Figures and Faces. When does the album come out, and what is it about? Do the songs all connect or are they all individual pieces? 

Jacek:  Yes, the album will be released on November 14th of this year under Advoxya Records. This release is mostly concentrated on dark atmospheres, containing lyrics in a form of poetry. I wanted to make music which could work on the imagination of the listeners. Not all of the songs are connected, but they all tell a story, have hidden meanings. It all really depends on how someone will understand them.

And now that we've discussed your track a little bit, let's get to talking about Halloween and all things related! What was the wildest Halloween party that you have ever been to? What made it so crazy?

Jacek:  To be honest, I had a lot of time without properly celebrating Halloween, mostly because in Poland it's not really that popular. But years ago, I remember that after a party with my best friends we decided to order and eat pizza in the cemetery. It was closed as it was middle of the night, so we needed to break in. Why I remember it so well is because it was me who sat on a chain connecting two stone pillars. One of them fell. It was so loud that the guards started to search for us and we needed to hide behind graves and tried to run from the cemetery being unseen to avoid being caught.

Out of all the costumes that you have ever worn throughout your younger years to now for Halloween, which one has been your favorite?

Jacek:  Unfortunately, due that the Halloween is not popular in Poland, I wore a costume only once when I was a kid. As I remember I was dressed as a skeleton.

If you could name five of your favorite horror films, which ones would they be and why?

Jacek:  Probably I will be a bit boring with it, but without any doubt, the best horror movie in my opinion is The Thing (1982). I just loved the atmosphere in this movie as well as the effects. To this day, I think the practical effects used in this movie are much better and scary looking than the CGI used in all new productions. Then, without really any ranking, but with which I have good memories: Alien, The Fly, 28 Days Later, and Species. There are more classics really, which I should also mention, but the list would be too long.

I've noticed that a lot of horror buffs may have favorite horror movies, but their favorite horror movie soundtracks may differ. Which horror film, to you, has the perfect soundtrack that cannot be beat?

Jacek:  Probably I will be boring again but I always loved the soundtrack of the Alien movies and The Thing. Whenever I hear music from these two movies, I feel nostalgia and have goosebumps.

Do you remember any one horror film that completely scared you as a kid, or even scared you half to death as an adult? I remember watching The Strangers and when I finished it every creak and noise in my house was someone trying to break in and murder me. What about you? Did you have any similar experiences with movies such as that?

Jacek:  Yes, as I stated before, my favorite horror movie is good old The Thing, and the funny thing is, that for the first time I watched it when I was a kid. I don't remember how old I was, maybe six. I was really scared to death, but also fell in love with horror movies. It was a love and hate at the same time, I was so scared that I couldn't watch, but I wanted to. It was the same with The Fly or Alien. Unfortunately, because of the CGI effects, I stopped watching horror movies that much, as nothing really scared me anymore. I hope one day I will find some pearls among them.

When it comes around to this dark holiday do you find yourself listening to any specific songs that get you in the Halloween spirit? If so, which ones?

Jacek:  Well, I enjoy listening to the music of Motoi Sakuraba, mostly to the music which he made as a soundtrack to the Dark Souls games. I find his work to be really impressive.

And lastly, I'd like to thank you for your time once again and wish the best for you and your career.

Jacek:  Thanks to YOU! I am happy for the chance and it was really nice to talk with you. Best wishes!

Cold Therapy's upcoming album "Figures and Faces" can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp. For more on Cold Therapy, follow him on Facebook.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Figures and Faces" now available in POPoNAUT store

The standard edition of the album is now also available in the POPoNAUT store:

If you wish to get the Limited Edition, Signed CD + Postcard with Dedication, you can order here:

Or you can contact the band and reserve your copy here: 

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Postcards of the Limited Edition CD just arrived

And here are the postcards, which will be signed and will contain the dedications for everyone, who will order the Limited Edition of "Figures and Faces". Just arrived today.

To pre-order and reserve your Limited Edition copy of the album, you can contact me via email, or simply do it on Bandcamp:
➧ Email:
➧ Bandcamp:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"Figures and Faces" pre-orders starts now!

The new album "Figures and Faces" is now available to pre-order!

After 3 years since the debut album, Jacek is back again to working solo and as the vocalist of Cold Therapy, bringing you the new material with a new sound, much darker than ever before.

You can pre-order the album in two ways:

➧ From Advoxya Records - the Standard CD:

➧ Directly from the band - the Limited Edition of 40 Signed CD's + Postcard with Dedication. *(Read info below):

• Bandcamp:

• Orders via email are preferred.
You can contact the band and reserve your copy here: 

The release date is scheduled for:

• November 14th, 2016 (Physical)
• January 14th, 2017 (Digital)

You can also expect new "Figures and Faces" related items in the Cold Therapy's Merch Store, so keep an eye on it!

* INFO: If you decide to order the Limited Edition CD from the band:

• Please keep in mind that the orders can be completed with a small delay, or even finalized faster than expected. You will be updated about the progress of your order.

• Due to the record label's release policy, digital sales and album streaming will be available two months after the physical release date. If you pre-order the CD from the Cold Therapy's Bandcamp or via email, in both cases you will receive the digital copy of the album - it will be delivered to your email on January 14th, 2017.

➧ Album preview:

➧ If the album preview is blocked by GEMA - alternative link:

• Album artworks by: Infinite Design

• Album mixing, mastering & digital distribution by: W\SCHWER Music Production


01. The Pretender
02. Figures and Faces
03. Scarecrow
04. Night Dwellers
05. Shapeless
06. The Dark Red
07. Portrait of Grotesque
08. Angesicht der Angst
09. The Broken One
10. A Story Untold (feat. Fredrik Croona)

11. Figures and Faces (Acervus Mix)
12. Portrait of Grotesque (Homicidal Feelings Remix)
13. Scarecrow (Remixed by impurfekt)

Sunday, October 2, 2016

"Figures and Faces" review by Halotan Records

Original review page here:

My first encounter with Jacek Wolanski’s music was rather memorable. There were few dark elekctro projects in Poland, so I welcomed Unsinn’s debut with joy and curiosity. I was a little bit upset, when I didn’t got what I expected – a simple dance aggrotech album, however I soon discovered the potential of this record, which consisted in its somber and thick atmosphere. Since then many years has passed, and Jacek’s as a very productive artist delivered many albums, first with Traumatize and then with Cold Therapy.

If the first project was a little hit and miss for me, Cold Therapy on its second effort “Masquarade Infinite” impressed me with mature sound, skillful songwriting and rather “goth” than “cyber” approach. One year after this release we got third effort from Cold Therapy – “Figures and faces”, published by Advoxya Records.

If I would compare this album to some more famous project it would be early Suicide Commando and :wumpscut: merged Kirlian Camera and In Slaughter Natives, or even such classic figures of industrial sound as Einstürzende Neubauten. Well, it is definitely dark electro, but in a sense of the very beginnings of this genre in the early 90s where the task of bringing the people on a dancefloor wasn’t very important.

It’s definitely somber and depressed atmosphere what matters here. Just give a listen to the first song on the album – “The pretender”. If you thing this very slow BPM song serves only as an atmospheric intro for the album, you’re wrong. In fact, this thick and static structure of noises, melancholic melodies and guttural murmurs of Jacek sets the tune for the whole album. It’s really very consistent entity, so there will be no track-by-track in this review, as really wouldn’t make any sense.

At first I was a little bit upset, because I wasn’t prepared for that. Previous album, “The masquerade infinite”, which review you can find here was also an anti-dancefloor manifesto, however it still follow kick-snare-kick-snare rhythmic pattern, and tracks like “Puppeter” were somehow catchy. Well, forget about that this time. On “Figures and faces” gloomy landscapes are crawling slowly through you ears, and since the album didn’t change its tune this tension isn’t released which makes the listening experience rather difficult task.

It isn’t bad at all – do you imagine to listen Kirlian Camera’s “Todesengel” while you ride to work in the morning, or MZ. 412 “Domine Rex Inferum” as a cool soundtrack for reading an interesting book? Me neither. And that’s the case of “Figures and faces” – this work needs your attention, and if you give it all of the positive energy will be soon sucked out of you. However there’s also a variety in this consistent opus. A variety of neoclassical synth lines, industrial noises, beats and sounds which were thrown into this musical mixture was immense, and I only regret that all them (or maybe majority) are virtual samples, since even some recordings of real sounds would work here perfectly.

Anyway, if someone would insist to choose one or two tracks which are perfect to start with it’s definitely “The portrait of grotesque” – its repetitive, hypnotic chorus will easily infect your spirit with depressive stupor. Also the title track and instrumental Angesicht der Angst are worth checking out if you prefer to try some single tracks before plunge into the enterity of the album. However the latter solution is highly reccomendend, this album should be listened carefully from the start till the end. A strong and ambitious effort that stands out as a very original attempt to rediscover the essence of dark electronic sound.

Review by: Adalbert (Halotan Records)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Preview of the upcoming album "Figures and Faces"!

Preview of the upcoming album "Figures and Faces" is now online!
10 new songs + 3 remixes, with Jacek back on vocals. Tracklist below.

Coming soon via Advoxya Records.
More info, new merch and the release date - TBA.

Cold Therapy is actually interested in album reviews and publishing release news.
If you wish to write any of the two (or both) - leave a private message here, or write to the CT's email.

• If blocked by GEMA - alternative link:

• Album mixing, mastering & digital distribution by:
W\SCHWER Music Production

• Album artworks by:
Infinite Design


01. The Pretender
02. Figures and Faces
03. Scarecrow
04. Night Dwellers
05. Shapeless
06. The Dark Red
07. Portrait of Grotesque
08. Angesicht der Angst
09. The Broken One
10. A Story Untold (feat. Fredrik Croona)

11. Figures and Faces (Acervus Mix)
12. Portrait of Grotesque (Homicidal Feelings Remix)
13. Scarecrow (Remixed by impurfekt)

Free delivery in CT Merch Store!

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Promotion duration: 13 - 21 September

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Figures and Faces" review by Dan Watts (Hooded Stranger)

Original review page here:

"Cold Therapy emerge from the shadows with their darkest, twisted & most sinister chapter to date. Haunting & emotionally challenging this release is designed to enter your soul & taint your every cell. Breath-taking & spine-chilling; you will not come out the other side the same as you went in…enjoy!

1. The Pretender:
slow & menacing; the vocals are chanted with precision; combined with a deafening bass line & eerie piano. A superbly crafted piece that’s not for the feint-hearted. Superb opening track that reveals the theme for the album. Image-soaked & drenched in evil; the Pretender has arrived…

2. Figures And Faces:
cleverly structured lyrics drive this spine-chilling track. Vocals delivered with an evil intent that makes the hairs stand up on your neck. Excellent musical accompaniment ensures this track remains a stand-out piece of the album. Melodic in its Satanic delivery; potent & demonstrous!

3. Scarecrow:
dark & delicious; this track is delivered with such malice & spite you can almost taste the venom. Even the angels in the background can’t tame the evil in this track. Cloaked in shadows this is the darkest & cruellest song on the album delivered with precision & crafted with a mastery of subtle defiance & a desire to corrupt. Minimal in its approach; yet stunning.

4. Night Dwellers:
heavy drums & bass drive this epic into the abyss dragging you along with it. The track grabs you, bites, chews & finally spits you out but not before you’ve been gnawed to the bone. Devilishly dark & tainted; this track breeds an evil deeper than you believed existed. Swirling images cloud this track creating a darker element.

5. Shapeless:
chaotic yet somehow melodic; this track has an atmospheric feel that cloaks you within its claws. Vocals swirl & disorientate leaving you utterly lost & abandoned. There is an order to this chaos but only the Shapeless have control of that. Well created track with clever lyrical structure.

6. The Dark Red:
a more up-tempo delivery leads you into a false sense of security before it closes the door firmly behind you. Great bass drive & programmed drum sequences help push this EBM feeling track onwards into the darkness. Vocals distorted; chanted & menacing leaving you again helpless. Dark electro hasn’t been this dark before.

7. Portrait Of Grotesque:
my personal favourite track of the album. Amazing stomping bass & driving drum sequences. Chanting vocals penetrate your mind delivering the theme deep inside your brain. Saturated in a blackness that is claustrophobic & suffocating; this is how it should be. Small moments of reprieve to breathe before it pulls you back in. Absolutely amazing track.

8. Angesicht Der Angst:
twisted & corrosive instrumental track that reverberates & echoes deep into your soul. Well-produced & structured piece that is driven with a heavy & imploding bass line with screeching synths. Ghostly & hypnotising throughout.

9. The Broken One:
deep bass line thunders this track along. Again sinister vocals with intelligent & cleverly structured lyrics become the focus. This track needed a few more plays to reveal hidden depths to its mastery.

10. A Story Untold [Feat. Fredrik Croona]:
no introduction needed to Mr F Croona; his vocal approach is as expected; with his perfect precision; aggressive undertones & harsh delivery. The style of this track works effortlessly with the vocal arrangement creating an outstanding combination. Deep & hard bass lines; driving drum sequences; haunting images & Croona…a perfect love ballad!!

11. Figures And Faces [Acervus Mix]:
it’s always easy for a band to get the ‘Usual Suspects’ to remix the album tracks [& we don’t mind because they are normally pretty damn awesome] but we also like to hear some lesser known artists who remix from outside the box. Acervus has worked with Cold Therapy before & is an artist who deserves more attention. He has stripped down what was already a superb track & brought the vocals to the forefront. This changes the delivery & sound of the track & adds an extra element. It has a more electro feel & it becomes more atmospheric & electrifying. In fact I prefer the remix to the original & I was already a big fan of the original version. Excellent remix James!!

12. Portrait Of Grotesque [Homicidal Feelings Remix]:
Homicidal Feelings have worked hard to give this mix a more electro feel with the incorporation of layered synths & a new drum sequence. This has made it more danceable & given the track a whole new appeal. The vocals have been re-treated too adding an extra layer. It is a lighter version of the original but it doesn’t lose its theme or claustrophobic or suffocating style that I originally loved about it. Well designed & executed remix.

13. Scarecrow [Remixed By impurfekt]:
this remix loses none of the original darkness but adds an extra layer of deceit & misery to the overall track. The clever drum pattern gives momentum & creates this extra dimension combined with layered synths it becomes more atmospheric & mysterious. Vocals clearer & more prominent. A tense & mesmerising affair. Well crafted & executed remix."

Monday, August 15, 2016

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Cold Therapy on the new compilation "Freak Machine 0.4" by Mechanized

Cold Therapy with the song "Angesicht der Angst" on the new compilation "Freak Machine 0.4" by Mechanized



01. Psy'Aviah - Alone (feat. Lis Van Den Akker) *unreleased before
02. Post Machinery Environment - Black Comedy
03. Sacré Nom! - Rowan
04. Formato Negativo - Elements (Freak Machine Edit)
05. Cold Therapy - Angesicht der Angst
06. [EC] vs SickFreak - Open your eyes
07. 7 Heads of Destruction - I Am Halloween (Doppelgänger Mix For Midnight Nightmare
08. Alien:Nation - Stock Model Citizens (Ft. Avarice In Audio)
09. Dark Soul - Adicción Rojiza
10. Devilsight - 4 extraños en la oscuridad feat. Antígeno
11. Atmosphera - Cautivo Sensorial
12. Subliminal Code - Close to me (HellSector remix)
13. Antibiosis - Living Dead
14. Code: Red Core - Neon Paradise
15. Obsidian FX - No mind control
16. Prosthesis Unit - Blood for blood feat. Michel Blanc
17. Hate Of Shadows - Hombro a hombro
18. Alto Voltaje - Suicidal Defense (Mechanized Mix)
19. C-[Phalea] - Humankanicz (Cut Version)
20. Noize Level - Take Control

Friday, July 29, 2016

Remix by Cold Therapy on the new Subliminal Code's album "Soldier Of Hell, Reborn"

Remix by Cold Therapy released on the new Subliminal Code's album "Soldier Of Hell, Reborn".

Buy Standard Edition:

Buy Extended, 2CD Edition:


01. Muerto En Vida v2
02. Sin Of Pleasure v2
03. Lost In Loneliness v2
04. Soldier Of Hell v2
05. Muerto En Vida v2 (Remix by Homicidal Feelings)
06. Sin Of Pleasure v2 (Benjamin`s Plague Remix)
07. Lost In Loneliness v2 (Viscera Drip Remix)
08. Soldier Of Hell v2 (Cold Therapy Remix)
09. Sin Of Pleasure v2 (Remix by Devilsight)
10. Lost In Loneliness v2 (Mulphia Remix) 
11. Muerto En Vida (Satanic Remix and Feat. by Reactor7x)
12. Sin Of Pleasure (touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
13. Soldier Of Hell v2 (Remix and Feat by Proyecto Crisis)
14. Soldier Of Hell v2 (Remix and Feat by Adeonesis)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Free delivery on all orders from 21 to 22 July!

Free delivery on all orders from 21 to 22 July!

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CT Merch Store

Friday, June 24, 2016

Remix done for Binary Division released on their new remix album "Defcon 1"

Remix done for Binary Division released on their new remix album "Defcon 1".

Buy the album here:

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

CT's remix out on the new Promidal's remix album "Simul iustus et peccator : : THE REMIXES : :"

Remix by Cold Therapy released on the new remix album by Promidal, titled "Simul iustus et peccator : : THE REMIXES : :".

Buy it here:


01. Terrorbyte Heart (Digital Bat Remix)
02. Terrorbyte Heart (Ruined Conflict Remix)
03. Evil Intentions (LiesFromTheWolf Remix)
04. Evil Intentions (Cold Therapy Remix)
05. Terrorbyte Heart (Midnight Nightmare Remix)
06. Bite The Bullet (Dreams Of Ether Mix) By Dead Animal Assembly Plant
07. Terrorbyte Heart (Broken Heart RMX) By T-Error Machinez
08. Evil Intentions (Derilict Mix) By My Final Autumn
09. The Power Of Satan (Incineration Remix) By God Destruction
10. Evil Intentions (Kain Kinetic Remix)
11. Evil Intentions (Soul Reactor Remix)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Global prices reduction

From now the prices on CT's Bandcamp and Merch Store are lower!
This mean you can now get the digital copy or / and CD of "Masquerade Infinite" for the lower price, if you still didn't have a chance to do so, it's the right time!
Also, all the merch items are now available for the lower price, feel free to visit the store and take a look.


Visit the store here:

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Song from the upcoming album released on the compilation "CIA Volume 2"

A little surprise! New song "Figures and Faces" from the upcoming album just got released on the compilation "CIA Volume 2". Check it out to get an idea what is coming soon!
There is also another CT's song included - "Angesicht der Angst".

You can get the compilation here:

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Free delivery for 2+ items in CT's Merch Store!

Free delivery for 2+ items in CT's Merch Store!

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Friday, April 8, 2016

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Jan is no longer a vocalist of Cold Therapy

Unfortunately, Jan is no longer a vocalist of Cold Therapy.
He decided to join to 13th Angel. Let's wish him all the best and success with his new band.

That means from now Cold Therapy will search for a new vocalist, or maybe I will get back to recording vocals by myself again... will see.

Monday, March 7, 2016

"Masquerade Infinite" review by Side-Line Magazine

Album rating: 7
(out of 10)

Original review page:

Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Background/Info: Jacek Wolański set up Cold Therapy After having left Traumatize. We welcomed the debut album “Embrace The Silence” (2013) released on Halotan Records. This opus was released a while ago, but it finally reached our headquarters.

Content: This Polish artist achieved a real fascinating work dealing with a haunting format of dark-electronics. I don’t want to compare Cold Therapy with Yelworc, but there’s a similar fascination to compose dark, haunting electronics. It’s a delicate work where the impact of the moody atmospheres appears to be more important than elements like power, harshness and speed.

Masquerade Infinite” is a mysterious voyage throughout icy realms. The male vocals feel like they symbolize death and despair. The few spoken-like female vocals on “Mask Of Deceit” feel like an element of hope. The more you enter the universe of Cold Therapy the more it appears to be the sound for an imaginary, obscure rite.

The album ends with 4 remixes from which I especially recommend the one by Asseptic Room.

+ + + : Cold Therapy clearly strives to compose a personal sound. The haunting atmospheres hanging over the songs is poignant and definitely the main force and characteristic of this work.

- - - : This band appears to be on the good path, but still have to improve a few elements of the production. I think a bit more bombast and blasting sound treatments would be really cool.

Conclusion: Cold Therapy clearly stands for what you might feel and imagine when hearing this band name. We’re exploring the coldest and most spooky corners of dark-electronic music.

Best songs: In Exelsis”, “Mask Of Deceit”, “Creature Of Masquerade”.

Rate: (7).

Review by Stéphane Froidcoeur (Side-Line Magazine)

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Our remix on the new album "Perpetual Adversity" by Viscera Drip

Remember about the freshly released new album "Perpetual Adversity" by our friend Viscera Drip , including Cold Therapy's remix on the 2CD edition + second, orchestral remix done by me as Autumn Nocturne.

➧ Bandcamp:

➧ Buy the 2CD edition here:


CD 1:
01. Fuck This Life
02. Kill Them All
03. Roundabout
04. Maniac
05. A Stranger To Myself (featuring X-Fusion)
06. Hellfire
07. Dear Enemy
08. Dont Pray For Me
09. A prolonged Suicide
10. Slaves Of No Hope (featuring Leaether Strip)
11. Misanthropy
12. Lets Make Evil
13. Fuck This Life (Ruinizer remix)
14. Fuck This Life (X-Fusion remix)

CD 2:
01. Maniac (Cold Therapy remix)
02. Dear Enemy (Encono remix)
03. Dont Pray For Me (Alien Vampires remix)
04. Roundabout (Roundabout (touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
05. Lets Make Evil (Obsidian Fx remix)
06. A Stranger To Myself (Bleeding Corp remix)
07. Misanthropy (Sin DNA remix)
08. Dear Enemy (Cynical Existance remix)
09. Dont Pray For Me (Mordacious remix)
10. Slaves Of No Hope (Black Adept version)
11. Maniac (slaughter house remix by Nano Infect)
12. Fuck This Life (Dr. Krank remix)
13. A Stranger To Myself (Subliminal Code remix)
14. Lets Make Evil (Autumn Nocturne rework)