Monday, October 31, 2016

Interview for Halloween Contest by Brutal Resonance

Interview by Steven Gullotta (Brutal Resonance)

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We're continuing to roll out the Halloween goodies on this festive day. We started off with a premiere of a music video and now we're moving forward by announcing the winner of our Halloween Contest. Out of all the many songs submitted by bands there was only one track that stood out the most to inspire thoughts of death, despair, and haunting walks through a graveyard. That song would be 'Scarecrows' by Polish dark electro act Cold Therapy. But let me waste away my breath no more; here's the reveal for 'Scarecrow'! Don't forget to check out the interview below to find out more about Cold Therapy and his interests in Halloween!

Hello Jacek, welcome to the site! First of all we'd like to congratulate you on winning our Halloween contest! So, let's get started talking about your winning track 'Scarecrow'. What was the song inspired by? When I saw the name and heard the song many 80s horror films came to mind such as 'Dark Night of the Scarecrow' and the like.

Jacek:  Hello! Thank you! To be honest I was really surprised that I actually won. I sent the track because a friend told me that I would have a good chance with my music and here we are. I'm happy that you liked the song! It's difficult to specify the inspiration, but let's just say that the 'Scarecrow' came to life after my contact with many forms of horror, gothic and fantasy styled art, which impressed me, starting from movies, going to video games like Bloodborne or Castlevania and even poetry. I just wanted to use my imagination and create some kind of story using mostly my voice and of course atmospheric music in the background. And 'Scarecrow' is the result.

And how did you go about writing this song? For a dark electro band, it's rather slow, atmospheric, and spooky. It seems different from what you normally would write.

Jacek:  Yes, I am aware that it's not too typical, not something that is really popular to listen to. From the start of Cold Therapy I always wanted to make dark electro music highly based on atmosphere, which, in my opinion, these days this music scene is lacking. I am just slowly gaining experience and trying to create my own sound and style. This song is a good teaser of the direction in which Cold Therapy is heading.

What do the lyrics of 'Scarecrow' revolve around? Are they simply fun, haunting lyrics or is there a deeper meaning to the track?

Jacek:  There is a deeper meaning. I am trying to create music that will work the imagination of the listeners, but also hide secrets as to what the lyrics really mean. The track is about human nature and a need to be accepted by the society, someone who has problems accepting themselves, who feels ugly and rejected, imperfect. This person starts to throw everything away just to pursue and achieve the goal to be beautiful. Doing so is changing and slowly losing their soul. They've become beautiful with a beautiful smile but have a soulless and rotten inside. At the end they're left with just who they really are.

This track is coming off of your next album Figures and Faces. When does the album come out, and what is it about? Do the songs all connect or are they all individual pieces? 

Jacek:  Yes, the album will be released on November 14th of this year under Advoxya Records. This release is mostly concentrated on dark atmospheres, containing lyrics in a form of poetry. I wanted to make music which could work on the imagination of the listeners. Not all of the songs are connected, but they all tell a story, have hidden meanings. It all really depends on how someone will understand them.

And now that we've discussed your track a little bit, let's get to talking about Halloween and all things related! What was the wildest Halloween party that you have ever been to? What made it so crazy?

Jacek:  To be honest, I had a lot of time without properly celebrating Halloween, mostly because in Poland it's not really that popular. But years ago, I remember that after a party with my best friends we decided to order and eat pizza in the cemetery. It was closed as it was middle of the night, so we needed to break in. Why I remember it so well is because it was me who sat on a chain connecting two stone pillars. One of them fell. It was so loud that the guards started to search for us and we needed to hide behind graves and tried to run from the cemetery being unseen to avoid being caught.

Out of all the costumes that you have ever worn throughout your younger years to now for Halloween, which one has been your favorite?

Jacek:  Unfortunately, due that the Halloween is not popular in Poland, I wore a costume only once when I was a kid. As I remember I was dressed as a skeleton.

If you could name five of your favorite horror films, which ones would they be and why?

Jacek:  Probably I will be a bit boring with it, but without any doubt, the best horror movie in my opinion is The Thing (1982). I just loved the atmosphere in this movie as well as the effects. To this day, I think the practical effects used in this movie are much better and scary looking than the CGI used in all new productions. Then, without really any ranking, but with which I have good memories: Alien, The Fly, 28 Days Later, and Species. There are more classics really, which I should also mention, but the list would be too long.

I've noticed that a lot of horror buffs may have favorite horror movies, but their favorite horror movie soundtracks may differ. Which horror film, to you, has the perfect soundtrack that cannot be beat?

Jacek:  Probably I will be boring again but I always loved the soundtrack of the Alien movies and The Thing. Whenever I hear music from these two movies, I feel nostalgia and have goosebumps.

Do you remember any one horror film that completely scared you as a kid, or even scared you half to death as an adult? I remember watching The Strangers and when I finished it every creak and noise in my house was someone trying to break in and murder me. What about you? Did you have any similar experiences with movies such as that?

Jacek:  Yes, as I stated before, my favorite horror movie is good old The Thing, and the funny thing is, that for the first time I watched it when I was a kid. I don't remember how old I was, maybe six. I was really scared to death, but also fell in love with horror movies. It was a love and hate at the same time, I was so scared that I couldn't watch, but I wanted to. It was the same with The Fly or Alien. Unfortunately, because of the CGI effects, I stopped watching horror movies that much, as nothing really scared me anymore. I hope one day I will find some pearls among them.

When it comes around to this dark holiday do you find yourself listening to any specific songs that get you in the Halloween spirit? If so, which ones?

Jacek:  Well, I enjoy listening to the music of Motoi Sakuraba, mostly to the music which he made as a soundtrack to the Dark Souls games. I find his work to be really impressive.

And lastly, I'd like to thank you for your time once again and wish the best for you and your career.

Jacek:  Thanks to YOU! I am happy for the chance and it was really nice to talk with you. Best wishes!

Cold Therapy's upcoming album "Figures and Faces" can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp. For more on Cold Therapy, follow him on Facebook.