Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - Year Summary

Since March 10th, 2016, Jan and Jen are no longer vocalists of Cold Therapy.
After 3 years since the debut album, Jacek is back again to working solo and as the vocalist of the band.

on November 14th was released the third full-length album, titled „Figures and Faces”.
With this album, Jacek experimented even more with the sound style of CT, which resulted in more mature release, with more atmospheric and much darker music than ever before.

Figures and Faces” received a good feedback, getting very positive reviews and winning also the „Halloween Contest” with the song „Scarecrow”, hosted by Brutal Resonance.

During this year, Cold Therapy had 5 remixes released on the albums of bands like A7ie, Homicidal Feelings, and more + 8 compilation appearances. Full list below.

For even more detailed information about Cold Therapy, check out the official Press Kit:

Remix appearances:

A7ie - „Narcissick Volume II
Homicidal Feelings - „Cognitive Disorders
Subliminal Code - „Soldier Of Hell, Reborn
Promidal - „Simul iustus et peccator : : THE REMIXES : :
Binary Division – „Defcon 1

Compilation appearances:

Face The Beat: Session 4
- by Side-Line Magazine

Face The Beat: Session 3
- by Side-Line Magazine

Gothic Music Orgy Vol.2
- by darkTunes

Body Virus
- by Body Music

Gothic Music Orgy Vol.2
- by darkTunes

Blood Pack Vol. 3
- by Intravenous Magazine

Seasons of Electronics Vol. I
- by Black I.P Studio

CIA Volume 2
- by CIA Specialforces