Monday, June 5, 2017

Interview for "AD-ZINE - ISSUE: 03" by Advoxya Records

The interview for "AD-ZINE - ISSUE: 03" by Advoxya Records got finally published! It was done before the release of "Figures and Faces".

➧ You can read or download it as the PDF file here:

1. Hello Jacek, here is coming the second album of Cold Therapy on Advoxya Records. What are your feelings and expectations about this cooperation? I mean - between the band and its label?

Hello! Yes, the album is ready and just about to be released. Personally, I can't wait and I'm very excited about it! 

I never really expect anything, I am just grateful when everything is going well or even better than I thought. At this moment, I am happy to be able to continue my cooperation with Advoxya Records, I feel very comfortable here. It was very nice to see a message from the label, interested in releasing the next album of Cold Therapy.

2. Please, tell us shortly the history of the creation of the album "Figures and Faces".

It all started with the changes in the band - Jan and Jen were no longer working as vocalists in Cold Therapy. Now it's again a solo project like it was 3 years ago, and like those 3 years ago - listeners will hear me again also as the vocalist. The album title was originally in German - "Figuren und Gesichter", which got changed to English version - "Figures and Faces". It was caused by the changes in the band, the previous vocalist Jan was recording vocals in German, but as now I am working solo, I needed to change it to the English version.

I decided to continue the path I took - making highly atmospheric music. But this time make it all even better, deeper and darker than before. Now I have also much better equipment than 3 years ago, this time, I didn't need to use effects on vocals like in the past, I could play a lot more and achieve the results for which I was looking for.

"Figures and Faces" is so far the best album of Cold Therapy, at least in my opinion. It is even more experimental, it has even more industrial sound and darker atmosphere. Some of the songs are done like a story, where the vocals and lyrics are in the form of a poem. Be prepared for a depressing journey.

3. Why did you decide to continue - was your first album successful? What opinions you got about "Masquerade Infinite"? Were you satisfied with the fact of having your album on a CD and with the label promotion?

Well, I will always continue, as it's simply what I love, making music became a part of me, a part of my life.

Yes, I think "Masquerade Infinite" was so far the biggest success of Cold Therapy, it got many positive reviews. With this album, for the first time, Cold Therapy entered the German Electronic Charts (GEWC), reaching the high, 4th place in the TOP-10 Albums ranking and entered the TOP 50 Bestsellers ranking on POPoNAUT, being on the 43rd place.

Looking at all what this album achieved - yes, I am really happy that it was released on CD and the way it was promoted by the label. Many of the reviews it got and the exposure in the online magazines - it was all thanks to Advoxya Records. It is always nice to have the CD of your own album, as a proof of the hard work and time which was put into it.

4. Tell us please about your visions of modern industrial music. Let us know about your industrial TOP-5, and also non-industrial TOP-5 you usually listen to.

I am not an expert, to have any kind of meaning opinion, but I always thought and still think that there is too much club-oriented music, where all bands sound so similar to each other. Sometimes it feels like they take the easy way because it's easier to get exposure, having songs played on the radios, in the clubs by DJ's, get on compilations, etc. It's simply what most people like and they provide what the listeners want. I prefer music where I can feel that the artist is doing something artistic, put his/her soul into it.

This can sound funny, but I don't listen to any music too much for the last few years... I am simply too busy and always working with sound - on my own music, also making mastering for other bands, etc. It's hard to select just 5, there is a lot more that I like. In no specific order... 

My industrial TOP-5 would be: :Wumpscut:, Stillste Stund, Nine Inch Nails, Die Form, Oomph!.

My non-industrial TOP-5: IAMX, Dark Sanctuary, Ozymandias, All my faith lost..., Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows.

5. You had also a harsh-EBM project "Traumatize". Why did you decide to stop with it? Does the more depressive stuff as Cold Therapy run more successful in nowadays?

Yes, because of the personal reasons it was stopped and to this day stays inactive. There was a moment that I did two news songs as Traumatize, not so long ago, but it was because these songs didn't fit the Cold Therapy style. I don't know if I will ever return to it or not, doesn't look like I will. Currently, I enjoy more what I do as Cold Therapy, I feel more that I do what I want to do, without trying to fit any genres or anyone's tastes. I am simply doing what I enjoy the most.

If it's successful? I don't think so - the club-oriented music is the most successful on this music scene. This is what most people like and what is played in the parties by DJ's, wanted by festivals, etc. But among all these people, there are also the ones with the soul similar to mine, those who like the atmosphere and feel the artist's soul in the music. I am always happy when Cold Therapy reaches more people, get new listeners. It feels more personal to me than being just another bands making the same type of music, with the same sound like others. I don't compete with anyone and don't really feel like I belong to any music scene at all. I like to avoid and stay out of any kind of comparisons or drama between musicians, I'm just doing my thing and appreciate every single listener, who care about what I do. This is more important to me than fast success, I can work longer for it, in my own way.

6. What is your opinion about how music-industry will develop in the next few years? Are physical products still demanded by the fans?

This is really hard to predict at this moment. All I can say is that we all see how important is becoming the digital format, looks like right now it's the most popular one.

The good thing is, that there still are and always will be the fans, who like to hold the CD in their hands, who like to collect and put them on their shelves, expand their collection. Some maybe buy simply to support their favorite artists. This is what counts, and those are the fans which are worth a lot, as they support not only the bands but also the record labels. There are fans who understands how it all work and wish to help. So, yes, I think it's still demanded, let's hope it will stay this way and get only better.