Tuesday, September 19, 2017

New album info and title

The new, upcoming CT's album will be titled "The Darkest Hour".

At this moment, 5 songs are done...

Friday, September 15, 2017

CT on "September 2017" compilation by Brutal Resonance

Cold Therapy with a new song "Through the Night" on the "September 2017" compilation by Brutal Resonance.
There is also a collaboration track "Far, Far Away (feat. Cold Therapy)" done with Acervus.

➧ You can download the compilation for free here:


01. She The Throne - Sometimes My Arms Bend Back 
02. Cold Therapy - Through the Night 
03. My Own Sorrow - I Have Seen So Much Pain 
04. Programmable Animal - Pinhead 
05. Isserley - Charcoal Heart 
06. Mikroben Krieg - Torn Lips Never Whisper Boldness 
07. T-Error Machinez - Waterfall of Tears 
08. Eggvn - Mantis 
09. Schema Factor - Plasmavore 
10. Escipemetralla - Hikuri Neirra
11. VAGUE SCARE - So Human 
12. Acervus - Far, Far Away (Feat. Cold Therapy
13. Mavroskeleto - Head Against Concrete 
14. NOUSIA - Potentially Deadly Force

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

CT's remix on the Chinatown / Чайнатаун EP by Taxon Lazare

Cold Therapy's remix got released on the "Chinatown / Чайнатаун" EP by Taxon Lazare.

➧ Buy the EP here:


01. Chinatown / Чайнатаун (Radio Version)
02. Breakfast / 90 пропущенных завтраков
03. Smog / С.М.О.Г.
04. Shanghai / Шанхай (Huangpu jiang Mix)
05. Rods And Cones / Палочки и колбочки
06. Anabiosis / Анабиоз (Terminal Zero Remix)
07. Scrap / Металлолом (Remix by Cold Therapy)

Friday, September 1, 2017

CT on "Elektro Villain: Volume 007"

CT's new song "Through the Night" released on the compilation "Elektro Villain: Volume 007"!

This song will be part of the CT's upcoming album!
There is also a collaboration track done with Plague Doctor, titled "I'm coming to take you away (feat. Cold Therapy)", make sure to listen to it too!

➧ Get the compilation for free here:

➧ Cold Therapy - Through the Night:

➧ Plague Doctor - I'm coming to take you away (feat. Cold Therapy):