Sunday, September 24, 2017

CT on the "Gothic Music Orgy Vol.4" compilation by darkTunes

The latest collab song between Cold Therapy and Plague Doctor, titled "I'm coming to take you away" is now out on the new, massive compilation "Gothic Music Orgy Vol.4" by darkTunes!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

New album info and title

The new, upcoming CT's album will be titled "The Darkest Hour".

At this moment, 5 songs are done...

Friday, September 15, 2017

CT on "It's September" compilation by Brutal Resonance

Cold Therapy with a new song "Through the Night" on the "It's September" compilation by Brutal Resonance.
There is also a collaboration track "Far, Far Away (feat. Cold Therapy)" done with Acervus.

➧ You can download the compilation for free here:

01. She The Throne - Sometimes My Arms Bend Back 
02. Cold Therapy - Through the Night 
03. My Own Sorrow - I Have Seen So Much Pain 
04. Programmable Animal - Pinhead 
05. Isserley - Charcoal Heart 
06. Mikroben Krieg - Torn Lips Never Whisper Boldness 
07. T-Error Machinez - Waterfall of Tears 
08. Eggvn - Mantis 
09. Schema Factor - Plasmavore 
10. Escipemetralla - Hikuri Neirra
11. VAGUE SCARE - So Human 
12. Acervus - Far, Far Away (Feat. Cold Therapy
13. Mavroskeleto - Head Against Concrete 
14. NOUSIA - Potentially Deadly Force

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

CT's remix on the Chinatown / Чайнатаун EP by Taxon Lazare

Cold Therapy's remix got released on the "Chinatown / Чайнатаун" EP by Taxon Lazare.

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01. Chinatown / Чайнатаун (Radio Version)
02. Breakfast / 90 пропущенных завтраков
03. Smog / С.М.О.Г.
04. Shanghai / Шанхай (Huangpu jiang Mix)
05. Rods And Cones / Палочки и колбочки
06. Anabiosis / Анабиоз (Terminal Zero Remix)
07. Scrap / Металлолом (Remix by Cold Therapy)

Friday, September 1, 2017

CT on "Elektro Villain: Volume 007"

CT's new song "Through the Night" released on the compilation "Elektro Villain: Volume 007"!

This song will be part of the CT's upcoming album!
There is also a collaboration track done with Plague Doctor, titled "I'm coming to take you away (feat. Cold Therapy)", make sure to listen to it too!

➧ Get the compilation for free here:

➧ Cold Therapy - Through the Night:

➧ Plague Doctor - I'm coming to take you away (feat. Cold Therapy):