Sunday, October 1, 2017

Two CT remixes on the new Vore Complex album "Hate Tusk"

Two remixes by Cold Therapy released on the new album by Vore Complex, titled "Hate Tusk". Highly recommended!

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01. Lesson One
02. Heavy Crop
03. Scratching The Surface
04. Sungrazed
05. Heartworm
06. Cud
07. Grindhole
08. Cupiditas
09. Moriah's Shower Party (Cold Therapy Remix)
10. None (Cold Therapy Remix)
11. Termite Madam (Flesh Eating Foundation Remix)
12. Flush (Flesh Eating Foundation Remix)
13. Badly Painted Dream (Wee Chapel of the Dawn Remix)
14. Stock (Wee Chapel of the Dawn Remix)