Saturday, October 27, 2018

Upcoming album update & Limited Edition info

The posters, which will be added to the Limited Edition of "The Darkest Hour" arrived. You can see the image with the design. As things with the new album are going forward, I am slowly preparing promo materials, newsletter, and getting ready a list of where to send the album for a review.

Although, I am not too excited or optimistic about the last part. With previous album "Figures and Faces", many magazines just ignored me and never answered at all, others who were supposed to write a review - never delivered, to this day. It's really discouraging. Makes you appreciate even more all the work and support for smaller bands from Side-Line Reviews and Brutal Resonance.

Just a reminder:

If you are a reviewer yourself, and you would like to write a review of the upcoming CT's album "The Darkest Hour", please send a message on FB or here:
The album is provided in the form of a digital copy.

If you are not one, but you know someone who is and could be interested, or maybe you have any suggestions where CT could submit the album, please let me know!

Any kind of support is much appreciated.

More info about the upcoming album and the official release date - very soon!