Monday, October 21, 2019

PlayStation 4 themes with my music are available in PlayStation Store

Yes, that's quite unusual post, but I am happy to announce, that there are five (5!) PlayStation 4 themes with my music sold in the PlayStation Store (region US).
The song, which was used in them, is not actually a CT song, but "Sakura", which was made and released under my own name (Jacek Wolański), and is part of the release "Fragments I".

Blood Blossom Warrior Dynamic Theme

3D Parkour Ninja Dynamic Theme

Anne Stokes: Geisha Skull Theme

Shogun Dynasty Theme

Alpine Assassin Theme

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Some of my "other" work

I finally decided to "release" in some way all the neoclassical / orchestral songs, which I previously made. From now on, when I will have few new songs ready, I will be releasing them bundled together, on another edition of "Fragments". So, here it is - "Fragments I".

➧ Bandcamp: 

"Fragments I" will soon be available in all digital stores and streaming platforms.

➧ You can also like the page, dedicated to this type of music from me:

Thursday, May 16, 2019

15% off Everything in the CT Merch Store!

15% off Everything in the CT Merch Store!

➧ Coupon code: SPRINGFLING15

Run time: May 16th – 19th

Cannot be combined with other discounts or coupon codes.

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

"The Darkest Hour" review by Side-Line Magazine

Album rating: 7,5

Original review page:

Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, industrial, epic-EBM.

Background/Info: “The Darkest Hour” is the fourth full length album by Polish artist Jacek Wolański. This artist composes pure dark-electronic music, but seems to walk on a somewhat different path with this new work. There are 12 songs plus 2 remixes featured.

Content: Cold Therapy has been always been fascinated by dark atmospheres and that’s why the previous album (cf. “Figures And Faces”) reminded me a bit of the Yelworc approach. “The Darkest Hour” doesn’t bring a radical change, but it definitely is a totally different approach in sound. The songs seem to have been touched by the hand of Laibach and Arzt+Pfusch. It’s mix of dark-ambient, dark-electronic and EBM, but the main characteristic of the work is the epic flavor hanging over the work. The half spoken vocals fit to the music. Most of the songs have been ‘sung’ in English, but you also will discover a track in German- and another in Polish.

+ + + : The epic influence isn’t new for this kind of music, but we have to admit there are not many artists dealing with it. It creates a heavy and blasting sound creating a rather original result. Cold Therapy in a way has reinvented its own sound. This album will not enter into history as the band’s most danceable work, but definitely as the most refreshing ones. The songs also reflect great sound treatments and dark, overwhelming melody lines. I also noticed a great remix by Dedicated Hardware.

– – – : The point with this kind of work, is that the sound formula also has something monotonous, which is mainly reflected in the production of the vocals.

Conclusion: This work sounds a bit like a challenge, but I really like it and even dare considering “The Darkest Hour” as the best work of the band and I’m sure Cold Therapy can still do better.

Best songs: “Wśród Cieni”, “A Dark Path”, “Through The Night”, “Ashes To Ashes”, “The Solace Of Silence – Dedicated Hardware Remix”.

Rate: (7,5).

Review by Stéphane Froidcoeur (Side-Line Magazine)

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

CT on Endzeit Bunkertracks [act 8] by Alfa Matrix

The famous and massive 4CD compilation "Endzeit Bunkertracks [act 8]" by Alfa Matrix is out! Cold Therapy's song "Fading" is featured on the bonus download section.

➧ Order it here:


Disc 1 [evil]:
101. [X]-RX . shut the f up and die
102.KOMOR KOMMANDO . music is my religion
103.[SITD] . cicatrix
104.H.O.W. . happiness imperative
106.C-LEKKTOR . animals (REACTOR7X mix)
107.ALIEN VAMPIRES . bring on the apocalypse
108. AENGELDUST . fucking day
109. DIVERSANT:13 . helldiver
110. DIFFUZION . infection
111.LLUMEN . the dark inside her eyes (bunker edit)
112.FIRST AID 4 SOULS . cold frozen arts
113.REGENERATOR . miracles (bone mix)
114.STUDIO-X . asylum
115.ROBOTS IN LOVE . the ravens
116. MENTALLO & THE FIXER . giving in, life & limb
117.CHAINREACTOR . achieving society (EDEN SYNTHETIC CORPS mix)
118. WOLFCHILD feat. VISCERA DRIP . may god be with you all

Disc 2 [torture]:
201. KILMARTH . la ronde
202.COMPLEX MIND . dawn
203. VOLTMEISTER . mekanismo
204. HORSKH . strayed away
205. M.O.D. . under my skin
206. ANGELSPIT . satanic aesthetic (endzeit mix)
207. SYNAPSYCHE . mirror terror
208. PRE:EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 . ex-human deform
209. VESTED SERPENT . the dead
210. HELL:SECTOR . kill - slaughter - repeat
211. LARVA . me odio
212. DISORDER FAITH . the vamp
213. DORNBEAT . totems
214. MILDREDA . stories (short edit)
215. CRYTEK . anathema (ACYLUM mix)
216. NEIKKA RPM . into rage
217. CIRCUITO CERRADO feat. Rexx Arkana . noize in the sky
218. AT0SHIMA 3RR0R . revolution of death (DEATH FACTOR remix)

Disc 3 [damage]:
301.IMPLANT . oxynoxe-r
302. AIBOFORCEN feat. Jean-Luc De Meyer . we woke up the dragon (unlocked)
303. EEXEE . future ghost stories
304.EX.ES . wizard of noise
305. R.I.P. (ROPPONGI INC. PROJECT) . irreversible
306.NOISUF-X . who am i?
307. FUNKER VOGT . feel the pain (video edit)
308. LEDERMAN - DE MEYER . a tribe of my own (Sebastian Komor mix)
309. DIE ROBO SAPIENS feat. LEAETHER STRIP . kaltes klares wasser
310. AD:KEY . eskalation (AGREZZIOR mix)
311. ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY . generation one
312. KANT KINO . destruct
313. DARKNESS ON DEMAND . darkness on demand
315. IMJUDAS . tulpa (AD:KEY remix)
316. CHAMAELEON feat. AFTEREFFECT . forbidden
317. NANO INFECT feat. SUICIDE COMMANDO . lifeless
318.SIVA SIX . high on low (C-LEKKTOR mix)

Disc 4 [death]:
401.BLUTENGEL . seele
402.GRAUSAME TÖCHTER . wildes tier
403.STOPPENBERG . get ready
404.SUPPRESSOR . the hard way of suicide
405. PLAYNGRAIN . rescan
406.T3RR0R 3RR0R . we came to party
407. SYNTHATTACK . straight to hell
408.SUICIDE COMMANDO . death lies waiting (death will find you remix)
409.REACTOR7X . the circus of false
410.EGGVN . aasb
411.VENAL FLESH . the witch’s crucible
412. DUNKELWERK . GxSTxPx 4c (bunker edit)
413. ACYLUM . schwarzer adler
414.SCHWARZBLUT . wutrich
415.FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION . entierro en campaña
416. MÄRCODA . imaginary shores
417. TOTEM OBSCURA . blut marschiert (bunker edit)
418. PHILIPP MÜNCH . das ist meine rache

501. KLANGBILD . ausserhalb der reihe
502. SIGNAL OPERATOR . rope on neck (warp mix)
503. WORMS OF THE EARTH . jhakri (feat. Wychdoktor)
504. PAX SONO . german night
505. DEVIL-M . human being (EXTIZE mix)
506. KRACHTRAUMA . zustand
507. ZWAREMACHINE . ieyei (PLANKTOON remix)
508. AMORPHOUS . alone (fearless remix)
509. CODE: RED CORE . esteriòtipos
510. COLD THERAPY . fading
511. ELM . wapenrustning (MILDREDA remix)
512.ZOMBIE GIRL . pleasure games (DIABOLIC ART remix)
514. 00TZ 00TZ . when all hope is lost
515. ARIAN 1 . spend the night (dark skies remix)
516. AUGER . my guardian
517. PSY’AVIAH feat. ENTRZELLE . ghost
518. MIRANDA CARTEL . amethyst
519. JUNKSISTA . love makes people stupid (TECHNOLORGY remix)
520. SKINJOB . internet death game (ebt mix)
521. MISERIA ULTIMA . let down
522.THE PSYCHIC FORCE . politics of greed (READJUST remix)
523. CYBERLICH . soul krusher
524. DISTOXIA . el ascenso del rey nigromante
525. SYNCFACTORY . lost
526. DISTORTED WORLD . you fall (terror night version)
527. UCNX . sleep when you’re dead (OUT OUT remix)
528. THIRD REALM . battle the hate
529.NITEK . macabre control
530. [FABRIKMUTTER] . inmune
531. C-PHALEA . chaos oblivion
532. ANTIBODY . revolution dance
533. AESTHETISCHE . an end in itself
534. 0KONTROL . nebenwirkung
535. HELALYN FLOWERS . kamikaze angel (ALIEN NATION rmx)
536. ENTRZELLE . stormchaser (AVARICE IN AUDIO mix)
537. SHADES:OF:HELL . remediate the pain
538. ANTI-TERROR . next generation
539. ICE AGES . the wheel
540. DROID SECTOR DECAY . an arrow in the heart of darkness

Saturday, January 26, 2019

„The Darkest Hour” - now available in digital stores!

The new Cold Therapy's album „The Darkest Hour” is now available in the most popular digital stores and streaming platforms!
You can now also listen to the whole album on CT's Bandcamp. Check it out!

➧ Listen, or order the Limited Edition, Autographed CD + Poster here:

Visit CT's Merch Store for new „The Darkest Hour” related items, which comes in three different designs! You can find T-Shirts, Pins, Hoodies, Cups, Shoulder Bags and much more. Big thanks to Infinite Design for the beautiful work!

➧ CT Merch Store:

• Album artworks & Merch design by: Infinite Design

• Album lyrics available here:

CT is interested in possible reviews of „The Darkest Hour”.
If you wish to do it, please send a message on FB or here:
The album is provided in the form of a digital copy.


01. A Dark Path
02. Ashes to Ashes
03. If You Go
04. I Remember
05. The Light is Dead
06. Nachtmahr (feat. Tanaros)
07. Relentless Torture
08. Wśród Cieni
09. Exordium to End
10. Fading
11. The Solace of Silence
12. Through the Night
13. The Solace of Silence (Dedicated Hardware Remix)
14. Ashes to Ashes (Neroese Doom Revision)

Monday, January 21, 2019

„Behind the Scenes: Vol. 02” - open for submissions!

If you have a band and wish to be a part of the next Volume of „Behind the Scenes” - by making a remix, cover, feat, etc - just let me know!

Vol. 02 have already around 10-11 tracks on the list, it should be released somewhere in near future.

Behind the Scenes” is a Cold Therapy's side release series, including rare, previously unreleased songs, demo versions, and collaborations with other artists.

This series also means something more to the bands who will remix Cold Therapy!
All the artists who will make a remix for CT during any future remix contests (or for fun and submit it), have a chance to appear on the main album, and if not, then for sure will appear on the next „Behind the Scenes” release!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

19% off Everything in the CT Merch Store!

19% off Everything in the CT Merch Store!

➧ Coupon code: SALE19
Run time: January 8th – 12th

Cannot be combined with other discounts or coupon codes.

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