Saturday, January 26, 2019

„The Darkest Hour” - now available in digital stores!

The new Cold Therapy's album „The Darkest Hour” is now available in the most popular digital stores and streaming platforms!
You can now also listen to the whole album on CT's Bandcamp. Check it out!

➧ Listen, or order the Limited Edition, Autographed CD + Poster here:

Visit CT's Merch Store for new „The Darkest Hour” related items, which comes in three different designs! You can find T-Shirts, Pins, Hoodies, Cups, Shoulder Bags and much more. Big thanks to Infinite Design for the beautiful work!

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• Album artworks & Merch design by: Infinite Design

• Album lyrics available here:

CT is interested in possible reviews of „The Darkest Hour”.
If you wish to do it, please send a message on FB or here:
The album is provided in the form of a digital copy.


01. A Dark Path
02. Ashes to Ashes
03. If You Go
04. I Remember
05. The Light is Dead
06. Nachtmahr (feat. Tanaros)
07. Relentless Torture
08. Wśród Cieni
09. Exordium to End
10. Fading
11. The Solace of Silence
12. Through the Night
13. The Solace of Silence (Dedicated Hardware Remix)
14. Ashes to Ashes (Neroese Doom Revision)

Monday, January 21, 2019

„Behind the Scenes: Vol. 02” - open for submissions!

If you have a band and wish to be a part of the next Volume of „Behind the Scenes” - by making a remix, cover, feat, etc - just let me know!

Vol. 02 have already around 10-11 tracks on the list, it should be released somewhere in near future.

Behind the Scenes” is a Cold Therapy's side release series, including rare, previously unreleased songs, demo versions, and collaborations with other artists.

This series also means something more to the bands who will remix Cold Therapy!
All the artists who will make a remix for CT during any future remix contests (or for fun and submit it), have a chance to appear on the main album, and if not, then for sure will appear on the next „Behind the Scenes” release!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

19% off Everything in the CT Merch Store!

19% off Everything in the CT Merch Store!

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Run time: January 8th – 12th

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